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MACE agents crack down on drugs
MACE Commander Al Cato - photo by Courier file photo
The Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force continues its battle to keep drugs and illegal prescriptions out of the hands of children.
Parents are reminded Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 20-28, and encouraged to talk with their children about the dangers of drugs.

Success stories

Sept. 24, 2007
Working with information provided by confidential informants, MACE agents made arrangements to meet with a couple from Screven who would supply an undercover agent with illegally obtained prescriptions. At 2:20 p.m., Kimberly Nivens, 37 and James McReady, 39, pulled into their scheduled meeting location at the Wendy’s parking lot in Hinesville. Agents surrounded the vehicle and confiscated 173 Methadone pills, 119 Hydrocodone pills, and 25 Xanax that were just purchased from a pharmacy in Woodbine. Agents discovered the labels that were peeled off the bottles were still stuck onto the vehicle’s dashboard. The investigation revealed Nivens was a nurse assistant, giving her access to prescription pads. MACE also learned a doctor in Jacksonville was filling the prescriptions.
Nivens and McReady were charged with the sale of schedule II drugs and the use of communication facilities, and they both bonded out of jail after posting $3,000 each. It is believed they returned to their residence in Screven, just south of Jesup.

Sept. 26, 2007
Working on an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen, MACE set up surveillance after being told a drug transaction was about to take place in the 700 block of Wildwood Drive in Hinesville.
Agents observed a suspect park his car halfway in the driveway. When the subject spotted the agents, he immediately jumped out of the car and began to run into the wood line. MACE agents pursued the man and one of the agents observed the suspect threw a bag, of what appeared to be marijuana, onto the ground. Another agent caught the suspect and the bag was recovered. The man was identified as Juan Carlos Negron, 24. He reportedly told authorities he kept his drug stash at his girlfriend’s house and consented to a search of their room at the residence. Negron also told the officers he stays with his parents as well, and said he had some items there. Agents received consent from his parents to search his room. At his girlfriend’s house, MACE discovered several hundred baggies that had cocaine and marijuana residue, as well as partially smoked marijuana cigars, joints and drug paraphernalia. Authorities also found a rolled wad of money held together with rubber bands and individually wrapped bags of Hydrcodone pills.
Another wad of money was found in his bedroom at his parents’ house, along with marijuana and cocaine residue, and paraphernalia.
Negron faces several drug charges and was initially denied bond because he had prior arrests for drug activity. He later posted $22,000 cash/$44,000 property bond. His girlfriend, Meredith Amanda Mitchell, 21, was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule II drug with intent to distribute, a felony, and possession of tools of the crime. She posted bond as well.

Oct. 1, 2007
Working on anonymous tips and information received from Hinesville police, MACE worked a case that involved the possibility of high school students frequenting a residence across the street from Bradwell Institute.
Hinesville police said several incidents were reported at the residence, including one where witness reported seeing two teenagers break into the home through a window.
When police investigated, the homeowner said he was not going to press charges because he gave the kids permission to enter his property.
After some surveillance, MACE secured a search warrant for the residence of Arthur Timothy Harvey, 36, who resided in the 300 block of Fraser Circle - 80-100 feet from the front door of Bradwell Institute.
MACE agents discovered equipment used to grow marijuana hydroponically and drug residue. They also reportedly found a semi-automatic piston with a bullet in the chamber, a full clip in the weapon and another full clip attached in the holster. MACE agents said it appeared the offender had just cultivated a crop of marijuana.
They also found a closet set up as a grow lab, and small piles of marijuana on the kitchen table. Harvey was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of a firearm within a school safety zone, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, manufacturing marijuana within 1000 feet of public housing, and manufacturing marijuana within 1,000 feet of school. His initial bond was denied.

Oct.1, 2007
While patrolling trouble spots in the area of Walthourville, MACE agents saw a vehicle with driver who was acting peculiar. When they stopped the car, the agents found crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, five small, pre-packaged bags of marijuana and a smoking device. The woman reportedly told officers she was out looking for a job at 11 p.m. Nadine Seay, 31, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana. MACE is seizing her Ford Explorer. She was scheduled to have her first appearance Oct. 4.

Oct. 4, 2007
MACE agents observed a small group of people, including a person of interest they know as “Dough Boy,” in Hillyard Park in Walthourville.
As they approached, the group began to disperse and the man known as “Dough Boy” ran from the premises before agents could stop him.
With a Liberty County sheriff’s Department K-9 unit on hand, the officers gathered the remaining subjects while an officer walked the dog around the park. The dog kept alerting the officer to an area around the slide, where the group was initially seen together before dispersing. MACE checked the area and found crumbled pieces of marijuana. They also found a freshly rolled marijuana blunt cigar nearby. MACE agents also noticed woodchips under the swings seemed to be piled up and discovered a bag of marijuana underneath them. Brother and sister Forrest and Teishara Williams and Miguel Ross were arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Oct. 4, 2007
Rebecca Flood, who resides in the 400 block of Gassaway Street, faces eight felony charges of prescription fraud and two counts of forgery of a prescription after MACE discovered 402 illegally obtained Darvocets in her public housing residence. MACE was alerted when a physician reported being suspicious about one of his current patients and prescription calls he was receiving from pharmacies.

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