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MACE blotters
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Agents were called in to assist the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 26 after deputies made a routine stop on a car for having its taillight out. The stop reportedly led to a search of the vehicle, where the deputies allegedly found a black bag containing a sawed-off shotgun, another altered firearm, ammunition and 1.5 grams of marijuana.
Cato said Lionel Lumpkin, 31, of Ludowici, was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, giving a false name and possession of an altered weapon. Lawrence Moody, 20, from the Sand Hill Community in Long County, was charged with a weapons violation and possession of marijuana. Gihad Beeks 19, of Hinesville, was charged with possession of an illegal weapon. MACE will see if the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will adopt the case against Lumpkin under operation CEASE FIRE. Lumpkin would then face federal charges and a stiffer penalty.

Nov. 30
A Liberty County Sheriff’s Department deputy went to the parking lot of Bo’Maz regarding a traffic accident. Cato said his agents became involved after the deputy spoke with the driver, Richard William Hays Jr., Cato said the conversation led to probable cause, and Hays’ vehicle was eventually searched. Cato said they allegedly found two handguns and 29 grams of marijuana. The guns were reportedly from previous burglaries in Hinesville. Hays attempted to hide his identity by initially giving the deputy a false name. He also had a failure to appear for a warrant on DUI charges. He was charged with driving without a license, no insurance, giving a false name, possession of marijuana, possession of stolen property, and possession of a firearm during a crime.

The Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force (MACE) agents worked the graveyard shift leading to several arrests recently. Here are details:

Dec. 2
• Cato said MACE agents had been searching for Lori J. McKirgan, who is reportedly facing two counts of sales of a schedule-V drug. Agents searched Liberty County for her and later thought she might be in Savannah. They sent information to Savannah-Chatham County police, where she was found and apprehended.
• Agents were in the area of Eagle Creek and spoke with Anthony Jordan, who agents said was acted suspicious. Agents reported Jordan began walking away as agents approached him. They were able to detain him and found he had 1.5 grams of marijuana in his pocket. He was booked at the Liberty Regional Jail.
• Agents were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle. According to MACE commander Al Cato, the driver and passengers were acting in a suspicious manner. He said the agents observed one man biting a pacifier, something narcotic agents identify as behavior of someone under the influence of ecstasy. Calling for assistance from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, deputies conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Agents and officers reportedly had probable cause and searched the vehicle, where they found a misdemeanor quantity of marijuana.  The search led the agents to a house on Lisa Street, where agents allegedly found marijuana residue inside the house. The house was the site of a previous arrest, where agents confiscated what is suspected to be marijuana plants.
Richard Beadle, 26, was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. James Hall Jr., 17, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. Lauren Beadle was charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Robert McGrath, 18 and Megan Thornton, 17, were charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.  
• While on a routine patrol, MACE agents spotted a vehicle whose occupants appeared to be acting suspicious and received assistance in initiating a traffic stop. The car pulled into the parking lot of Whitman’s Pharmacy and two men jumped out of the car, fleeing the scene. Agents caught up with Theron Clancy and he was apprehended. His brother, Delano Clancy, fled from the area but later turned himself in when a BOLO (be on the lookout) was posted on the Coastal Courier’s Web site.
Theron Clancy, 21 was charged with obstruction and was later charged with probation violations. Delano Clancy, 26, allegedly dropped a gun when he fled the immediate area. He faces possession of a firearm by a felon and parole violations.
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