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MACE drug arrests in November
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Agents on Nov. 19 arrested Joshua Hicks, who was reportedly found in the possession of several stolen items. Among those items was an M-4 assault rifle reportedly belonging to Jonathan Guzman. Cato said Guzman was called in to claim his rifle, and during the conversation that followed, agents discovered he had a failure to appear warrant. Cato said MACE learned Guzman had been indicted for child molestation, statutory rape and giving alcohol to an underage person. Guzman, a soldier stationed at Fort Stewart, is currently out on bond. Since he was under indictment, he is not allowed to possess any firearms.

Nov. 20

According to Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force Unit Commander Al Cato, a Hinesville woman, Mandie Jo Johnson, 26, was formally charged with forgery in the first degree, possession of marijuana and criminal intent to obtain a controlled substance by fraudulent means. Cato said the woman allegedly took a prescription pad from a doctor’s office and reportedly wrote out a prescription. Later, she went to a local pharmacy to have the script filled.
Cato said the pharmacist realized the prescription looked fake and phoned the doctor’s office to inquire about it. Once they determined it was a forgery, the pharmacist called the police.

Nov. 21

Cato said Kelly Owens, 39, was arrested after she called in her own prescriptions, impersonating a doctor. She allegedly called in a request for 211 hydrocodone pills. The pharmacy checked with the doctor’s office and discovered it was a fraud. She is charged with criminal attempt to obtain a controlled substance by fraudulent means.

Nov. 26
Agents arrested six people who had outstanding warrants in a pre-Thanksgiving round up. Bejie Laurent was caught on a possession of cocaine warrant; William Downer for sale of cocaine; Stephen Donovan, for possession of marijuana; Frances Scott for a failure to appear warrant; and Edward Blake for child support warrant. The Georgia State Patrol had a road check that night, and a man named Lee Johnson was arrested for possession of cocaine.
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