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MACE report for February
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The Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force reported 65 cases were opened in February.
Charges filed: possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of cocaine, sale of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of controlled substance, possession of controlled substance by inmate, possession of MDMA, possession with intent to distribute MDMA, possession of firearm by felon, possession of tools of crime, speeding, false statements, no seatbelt, theft by receiving, suspended driver’s license, obstruction of law enforcement officer, DUI, stop sign violation, no driver’s license, defective equipment, open container, possession of drug related object, reckless conduct, driver’s license not on person, possession of vehicle with hidden compartment, possession of article with altered ID, no insurance, improper tires, unlawful U-turn, littering, obstruction by fleeing, weaving on roadway, no license plate, illegal purchase of a weapon for convicted felon, dealing in firearms without license.
Drugs were seized with an estimated street value of $8,375. Currency seized: $636. Property seized: 13 vehicles valued at $20,000, four homes worth an estimated $185,000 and miscellaneous property valued at $53,000. Weapons seized: 25 weapons.
Drugs seized: 8 cocaine rocks, 30.8 grams of cocaine powder, 9 grams of crack cocaine, 12 ounces of marijuana, 4 Xanax pills, 7 pills of MDMA, 6 pills of Oxycontin and 17 drug related objects.
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