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Man kicked out of bar, threatens officer
Liberty County Sheriff's Blotter Aug. 17

Recent reports filed by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department include:

Suspended license — A deputy spotted a pickup towing a boat on Old Sunbury Road around 5:30 p.m. Aug. 1. The trailer the boat was on didn’t have brake lights or turn signals, so the deputy stopped the driver, a 30-year-old man with a Hinesville address. The man said he’d just “broken” the wires and was trying to get the trailer home to fix them. The deputy ran the man’s information and learned his license had been suspended and he was wanted by Hinesville police on a warrant. The man was arrested. His pickup, trailer and boat were turned over to a licensed driver.

Identity theft, fraud — A man reported Aug. 2 someone ripped off his 93-year-old father’s VA payment. The man said he has power of attorney and takes care of his father’s banking, and when he checked his father’s bank account to see if the VA payment had been deposited the son was told it had been deposited in another bank account at a different bank. The man said he was given an account number and checked with that bank, but was told there was no such account number. Detectives were notified.

Threats — A 42-year-old Townsend woman met with a deputy Aug. 3 at a Liberty County convenience store to report “her estranged boyfriend … had been calling and texting her since mid July from his cell phone,” to tell her he was going to come “take care of things.”

The deputy described the woman as “visibly shaken and upset.” She said the man had just served 180 days at detention center in Bacon County “for assaulting her and trying to bite off her nose,” the report said.
The deputy contacted the man’s probation officer and he said he had warned the man not to have anything to do with the woman, who was told how to get a protective order and a copy of the report.

Obstruction, drunk and disorderly, public drunk, open container — Deputies dispatched to the Silver Dollar around 1 a.m. Aug. 4 regarding a pickup almost hitting vehicles in the parking lot found the driver sitting in his pickup listening to music. The 56-year-old Pooler man had reportedly been kicked out of the bar about an hour earlier. When a deputy asked him to turn his music down so they could talk to him, the man “ignored me and continued to adjust his radio volume louder and louder,” the deputy said.

Finally, the deputy opened the door and got the man to come out. They found an open bottle of vanilla flavored vodka in the cab and the man appeared to be intoxicated. He told the deputy who arrested him, “When I get out of these handcuffs I’m going to beat your (bleep).”

The man was taken to jail. His pickup was towed.

Fraud — Some friend. A 32-year-old Hinesville woman reported Aug. 3 she let a 33-year-old friend use her Supplemental Security Income debit card to buy a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store. Later that day the woman learned $85 was missing from her account, thanks to two separate $42.50 withdrawals from the ATM at the convenience store.
The woman said she called her friend to ask her to give her the money back and the friend reportedly said, “Your (bleeping) loss.”
Detectives were notified.

Matter of Record — An Island Drive woman told deputies Aug. 4 she found a signed note on her windshield from a male neighbor which said “Wow I don’t see man there you have no sex no money huh I said oh well you don’t know too bad.” The woman said it was the fourth note the man had left her, and the other three had asked her to date him, but “she kindly rejected him.”
The woman said she was afraid of the man, so the deputy had a talk with him. He agreed to leave the woman alone. She was given a case number anyway.

Criminal trespass— An employee at the Red Roof Inn reported that around 1:35 a.m. Aug. 7 there was damage to several rooms. “She stated there were two unknown white males that went through the building and poured ground coffee into the door locks.” A check of the locks showed they still worked. The employee said she’d check video footage and get back to LCSD.

Matter of record — A 32-year-old woman went to LCSD to report “she observed on Facebook where three females were talking about doing harm to her. (Complainant) said she was even followed from her home to the area of Ga. 119 and Ga. 38 by one of the females.”

Shoplifting — A deputy was sent to a convenience store on Highway 84 around 9 a.m. Saturday regarding a man who’d taken a pink phone charger. The clerk said the man came into the store empty-handed, picked up the charger, said “do you wanna see a magic trick,” and then ran out of the store.

The deputy caught up with the man, a 19-year-old from Charleston, S.C., nearby. The man was charged.

Battery — Deputies were sent to the emergency room Liberty Regional Medical Center shortly before 4:30 a.m. Saturday regarding a 29-year-old man with what may’ve been a stab wound. The man did know he’d been in a fight, maybe. “(He) seemed to be intoxicated and was having issues remembering what had happened.”

What the man, who had a puncture wound in the abdomen and cuts and scrapes on his hand and face, did remember was going to a party at a trailer park. He remembered there being a lot of people he didn’t know. He remembered there being a small pond and a big bonfire. Deputies figured out the man was talking about Lakeview MHP and went out to look for signs of a fight, but found none. The case was turned over to the on call detective.

Criminal trespass — A Chemtall employee called LCSD on Saturday after he found his car had been dented in the company parking lot. Turns out it was all caught on camera. A security officer at the plant showed the reporting deputy video of an employee clocking out, then going out and opening the door to his vehicle, which was parked next to the victim’s. The video showed the man open his door, which hit the victim’s fender, then look at the fender and his door, then get in and drive off. The security officer said he’d check and find out the guy’s name and get it to LCSD.

Matter of record — A man who owns property off Rueben Wells Road called LCSD after he found a pickup on his land that appeared to have been stripped for parts. Deputies got a VIN number and learned the pickup belonged to a company from South Carolina. They also found a card with a man’s name and South Carolina number on it. They tried to call the number, but had no luck getting through. The case was turned over to detectives.

Burglary — A man reported he discovered about $4,000 worth of property taken from his Island Drive home when he returned home Friday. The man said he left home on Feb. 14 and when he got back he found someone had taken two toolboxes, some tools, a boat, a boat trailer and a .25 caliber pistol. Also missing was a jewelry box and some antique instruments. There were no signs of forced entry, though the screen to one window had apparently been taken off.

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