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Man says he was beaten with club on Christmas
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A Hinesville man who ventured into Long County early Christmas morning after the bars had closed in Hinesville allegedly was beaten at the Wingman’s Club in Ludowici.
According to Ludowici Police Department Officer Diane Duncan, at around 6 a.m. Christmas day, Jason Allen Massey, 25, came into the LPD office bleeding from the head. She said Massey, who appeared to be intoxicated, reported he and a friend had come over to the Wingman’s Club, after “everything had closed down in Hinesville.”
According to Massey, while at the club, he and Johnny Paul Marsh, 35, of Ludowici, began arguing about a motorcycle gang.  Massey said the argument led to Marsh striking him over the head several times with a rubber billy club.  
Duncan said that while Massey was at the LPD, a Long County EMS unit was called to look at the man. EMTs told him his wounds were serious and took him to the hospital to be treated. Duncan said Massey came back to the LPD later that day to press charges against Marsh.
Duncan said she went to the Wingman’s Club and talked to Marsh’s girlfriend and another witness about the incident. They said, “everything was going fine until Massey started talking about the Hells Angels and throwing names around.”
Duncan said the two women also said the men did get into an argument, but that Massey slapped Marsh first and Marsh retaliated.
Duncan said both witnesses claimed they did not see Marsh hit Massey with a billy club, only his fist. Duncan asked where Marsh was so she could talk to him, but according to the women, he was extremely intoxicated.
Duncan said she told the women to tell Marsh to come by the LPD to give a written statement.
According to LPD Investigator Sal Genualdi, the incident is still under investigation.
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