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Microburst damages condo complex, grocery store
0817 storm damage
Firefighter Alex Mason talks with Sonya Brown, whose porch was damaged in Saturdays storm. - photo by Lewis Levine

A microburst damaged a Hinesville condominium complex Saturday afternoon. The storm blew into Hinesville Ravenwood Condos on Pineland Avenue shortly before 3 p.m., sending tree limbs crashing onto vehicles and porches. 

One vehicle had a back window broken out when a limb fell on it, according to Mike Hodges, director of the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency. 

“We had some porches damaged from falling tree limbs, but no structural damage to any of the homes,” he said. “A mailbox was also torn from its bolts.” 

Sosa Brown, who lives in the complex with Sonya and Soweto Brown, said she went outside to get her dog, who was on the back porch, when sudden strong winds began tearing apart a fence behind the home. 

When she went to the front of the residence, all she could see were limbs scattered throughout the area. 

The strong lines of winds also damaged a Korean grocery store on E.G. Miles Parkway, tearing off a portion of the roof and damaging an outside shed. 

Hodges said the national weather center in Charleston confirmed the strike was caused by a microburst, which can cause the same amount of damage as a tornado.

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