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Missing soldier found
Woman from 3rd ID's 1st Brigade located in Palm Beach, Florida
SAVANNAH — Although the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department no longer lists Charlana McKinsie as a missing person, as of Saturday, her whereabouts and status with the Army still are unknown.
According to Fort Stewart spokesmen Kevin Larson and Rich Olsen, McKinsie’s specific whereabouts still are undetermined, but she was found Friday in West Palm Beach, Fla. So far, Larson and Olsen say they haven’t heard any news about her contacting her unit commanding officer.
Because she didn’t commit any civilian crimes, McKinsie wasn’t arrested by the West Palm Beach Police Department, however, McKinsie could face punishment from the military.
“She isn’t really right now [considered AWOL], but technically she could be,” Larson said. “If she keeps staying away, there’s a possibility that it could be considered desertion. It’s all contingent on what she does.”
“The hope is that she just comes back to work and comes back to her family,” he added.
The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department said in a news release at 3:40 p.m. Friday that it is closing its investigation regarding the whereabouts of the Fort Stewart soldier who was reported missing after she did not pick her daughter up after school Monday afternoon.
Investigators think McKinsie is driving her Toyota Camry and left on her own free will.
McKinsie is not wanted by metro police, the release said.
The police have referred the case to the Department of Family and Child Services for review.
Larson said McKinsie originally had been considered AWOL since she didn’t show up for work last week.
“That does not mean that we go after her,” Larson said. “We’re hoping that she comes back on her own.”
If she does not return promptly, Larson said she could be facing administrative punishment.
“That could be an Article 15 or a court martial, but that will remain at her commander’s discretion,” he said.
McKinsie’s 14-year-old daughter will remain in her grandmother’s custody.
McKinsie is a health specialist with the 3rd ID’s 1st Brigade.
Police are urging Mckinsie to contact her family and the U.S. Army.

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