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Movie prop bills being passed as real
Hinesville PD blotter for May 16

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

May 11

Found property — A Caines Road couple called police when they found a snake in their apartment. They had trapped it in a foot locker. The responding officer recognized the snake as a ball python, which he assumed had been someone’s pet. The officers took the snake and later turned it over to Carpathia Paws and were told pictures of the snake would be posted on social media in hopes of finding the owner.

May 10

Burglary with forced entry — Officers were called to a Kelly Drive home after a woman called to say it had been burglarized. On the way, detectives called the officer to report that a neighbor had reported an auto theft from the residence the day before. Investigators then noted a broken window in the residence. The woman said her brother, who had reported the auto theft, had lived in the home until December, but was not living with her in Florida. The Hinesville home is being repossessed and consider that and the auto theft, the woman said her brother asked her to check the home. She said they believe at least two TVs, an airbrush painting kit and Xbox 360 were missing. It was unclear when the items were taken.

May 9

Assault, battery, harassment, trespass — Officers were called to an alleged domestic abuse case that is more complicated than most. A report of a suspicious vehicle was called in from a Hinesville residence. As the officer was responding, however, dispatch said another complainant from the residence wanted to meet the officer at the station. A young woman told the officer that her father had confronted and threatened her mother, his wife, the night before and had gotten mad at a young man with her. His car was parked at the residence, and the homeowner banned him from ever coming back. The homeowner called today when the young man was back. The officer told the young man he was not supposed to be back, no matter what. When the officer spoke with the father/homeowner, he said he had banned the young man for yelling at his daughter. He said the young man threatened him today, after telling him to get off his property.

Suspicious acts — Officers were called to a Brantley Drive residence after a man found a black garbage bag that contained items that officers said were consistent with making methamphetamine. The man had been doing yard work when it was found. Similar items were found in a nearby garbage can. All the items were thrown away.

May 8

Fraud, swindle — A woman went to HPD to report she had been having trouble with her laptop three days earlier. A popup ad appeared on the screen, saying there were problems and giving phone numbers to call to fix them. She said she called the company, Live Guru Tech, and was told they could fix the problem by installing a firewall for $149. She agreed and gave the "technician" her account number and access to her computer. However, another withdrawal was made from her account for the same amount by the same company. She looked it up online and saw reviews that it was a fraud.

Prostitution, possession of marijuana, doing business without license, contempt of court — During an investigation into prostitution, a man was arrested for allegedly offering sexual services for money. Some marijuana was found during his arrest, and it was discovered he had a warrant out against him.

May 7

Counterfeiting — An officer was in an E.G. Miles Parkway convenience store when the clerk told him about a counterfeit $20 she had received. The young man who tried to pass it wanted cigars, but left when the clerk realized the bill was fake. It had "motion picture use only" written in various places.

The day before, an officer was called to Wal-Mart Supercenter, where a loss prevention officer handed over a "motion picture use only" $100 bill that had apparently been passed at the store within the past three days.

The week before, similar bills were passed at a school store at Bradwell Institute.

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