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Murder suspect called competent for trial
Evaluation sheds light on defendant's background
Andrea Wilson
In a death penalty case, an evaluation has recommended that Andrea Wilson be found mentally competent to stand trial for her alleged involvement in the death of her 3-year-old cousin Prince C. Davis Jr.
Wilson, 36, of Riceboro has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder, two counts of felony murder and two counts of cruelty to children in the first degree.
The mental evaluation was filed last month in the case that has apparently been slowed by statewide funding problems in the public defender system.
Wilson and her boyfriend and co-defendant, Corey Brown, were arrested in January last year when EMS crews were dispatched to Wilson's home and found the child unresponsive.
The toddler was later pronounced dead at Liberty Regional Medical Center. Initial autopsy reports revealed the child died of blunt force trauma and malnutrition.
Davis had reportedly been in Wilson and Brown's care for about 10 months. Authorities have little information regarding the child's mother.
The state is still waiting for the forensic autopsy report but prosecutors have indicated they will seek the death penalty for both Wilson and Brown.
The Superior Court of Liberty County filed a request last March for a mental evaluation after Wilson's court appointed public defenders requested one.
She was initially evaluated on June 19 with a follow up interview at the Liberty County Regional Jail on Dec. 4.
The interviews consisted of two different intelligence tests, structured interviews and a mental status exam. The report cited sources that included information from police reports, copies of letters reportedly written by Wilson, telephone interviews with Wilson's mother and stepfather and consultations with jail staff.
The report, filed with the court, provides some background on Wilson.
She was born in New York City, but moved to Liberty County when she was 7 or 8. Throughout her teen years she never reported nor did they find any history of neglect or abuse from her mother and stepfather. Wilson attended regular school until the ninth grade when she dropped out when she became pregnant. She never married. Her mother and stepfather raised her daughter, now 19, without incident.
In the report Wilson said she worked primarily in the hotel industry as a housekeeper until 2001 when she injured her shoulder. She reported she took painkillers and muscle relaxants for her shoulder but otherwise had no other medical problems.
Wilson admitted she started smoking marijuana at 18 and continued to do so as an adult at least every other day. She said she started to use alcohol when she was 17 but soon stopped and denied ever abusing or seeking treatment for drugs or alcohol.
The report said Wilson was confined for shoplifting when she was 17 and around the age of 24 she and her then partner were arrested for domestic violence. She said she was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship from 1989 to 1994. Later she described her relationship with co-defendant, Corey Brown, as abusive at times toward herself and the victim. Wilson said she was with Brown from 2001 until when they were arrested.
Being unable to work and unsuccessful at acquiring Social Security disability, Wilson said she relied on Brown primarily for income. She also received some income from boarding a cousin's 17-year-old son and occasionally she did cleaning jobs.
Psychiatrists and evaluators found Wilson to be alert and able to remain oriented to persons, places, dates, days and situations.
At one point during the interview Wilson did describe her current mood as "kind of sad" and admitted depression since her shoulder injury.  She indicated her abusive relationship between 1989-1994 increased her fear of people and she had a tendency to isolate herself. She said her depression has since been exacerbated by her current legal situation and feelings regarding the death of her baby cousin.
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