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Neighbor reportedly steals electric power
Hinesville Police blotter

Recent crime reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Sept. 16

A soldier reported that she had been away from her Kelly Drive residence for two days. When she returned, a washcloth had been stuffed into a bathroom sink and the water was running, overflowing the sink and soaking the floor.

The resident said that in recent weeks, someone had also turned her electricity off at the breaker box and used an outside faucet.

She was unsure who would harass her and said she had already put in notice that she would be moving into on-post barracks.

Disorderly conduct — A Highway 196 McDonald’s customer became so belligerent that employees called police to report it.
The customer said he had bought a burger that had so much pepper on it that his son had to go to the hospital.

He said he returned to inform management, but said the employees were not taking him seriously and acting unprofessionally.
An employee said the customer became irate when he was told they could not do anything about it and that he started throwing food.

The employees finally told him to return the next day to complain to the store manager.

Sept. 15

Attempted burglary — A Ravenwood Town Houses resident told officers he was home just after noon when he heard some scratching at a back window.

He grabbed his gun, opened a back door and saw what he described as a black man with a low-cut Afro, about 5 feet,
7 inches with tattoos on his arms. The suspect was dressed all in gray. The resident asked the suspect if he wanted to get killed and what he was doing. The suspect responded that he found the screen off the window and was trying to put it back on.

When the resident went inside to get his phone, the suspect ran.

Officers were unable to find anyone in the area who fit the description.

Sept. 13

Theft by taking — A Wal-Mart shopper advised police that she had left her purse in her cart while in the dairy section. She walked away from it to get some items and, when she returned, her purse was missing. A store manager showed officers video, but it didn’t have the angle to show when the purse was taken from the cart. Before the report was completed, a Wal-Mart employee reported to HPD that a purse had been found on a shelf in the dairy section.

An inventory of the purse found the victim’s phone and an EBT card, but not her ID nor $20 cash that she reported having in the purse.

The end of the report details how the officer was trying to contact the victim.

Sept. 11

Larceny — An Olmstead Drive resident called 911 to report that she found an extension cord plugged into an outside outlet at her home and running into a neighboring house.

She told the responding officer that her power bill last month was $237 and then jumped to more than $350 this month.
At the neighbor’s, the officer saw the extension cord coiled up on a couch.

The resident admitted that the power had been turned off and said the occupants were being evicted. But she was unapologetic. She said she couldn’t control what other people living in her home did.

The victim was given a case number and advised to contact the power company.

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