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Nov./Dec. MACE report
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The Multi-Agency Crack Enforcement team recently released its monthly reports for November and December:

Total cases: 69
Total offenders: 65
Types of crime: possession of marijuana, sale of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, trafficking cocaine, possession of controlled substance, possession of MDMA, possession of firearm during a crime, possession of firearm by felon, arrest for other agency, speeding, possession of tools of a crime, stop sign violation, failure to appear, suspended driver's license, obstruction LEO, DUI, DUI drugs, no insurance, tag light, no proof of insurance, forgery 1st degree, criminal trespass, prostitution, child endangerment, failure to maintain lane, tools of crime, false statement, defective equipment
Street value: $27,149.50
Seized property: $1,900
Total: $1,900
Vehicles: 2 ($800)
Weapons: 3
Drugs seized: cocaine rocks-75 rocks; cocaine powder-74.2 grams; crack cocaine-.1 grams; marijuana-55.34 ounces; MDMA- 5; Soma-3; DRO's-2
Cases closed: 5
Training: firearms use of force, diversity and inclusion training, advanced report writing, cybercrime investigations

Total cases: 63
Total offenders: 57
Types of crime: possession of marijuana, distribution of marijuana, trafficking marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, criminal attempt to purchase cocaine, sale of cocaine, possession of cocaine by inmate, possession of dangerous drug, use of communication of facility, DUI, speeding no tag, possession of firearm during felony, unlawful possession of firearm, obstruction of law enforcement officer, crossing guard line, failure to maintain, contempt of court, felony shoplifting, stop sign violation, suspended driver's license, possession of firearm 1,000 feet of school, tobacco sale to minor, giving false information, probation violation, theft by taking, terrorist threats, bomb hoax, unlawful conduct 911 call, burglary, loud music, theft by receiving, stolen property, driving on wrong side of road, no insurance.
Street value: $22,933.50
Seized property: $2,195.25
Vehicle: 1, 1983 Oldsmobile ($250)
Misc. property value: $30
Weapons: 2
Drugs seized: cocaine rocks-49; cocaine powder-10.6 grams; marijuana-5.97 ounces; marijuana plants-4; Claritin-10 pills; Pamaler-1 pill; Desyler-1 pill; Simlac formula-109 cans
Cases closed: 6
Training: none
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