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Pot farm case settled
MACE officers confiscated eight pounds of dried marijuana from inside Shawn Martin's home in Seabrook Island. - photo by MACE photo
In a plea bargain Monday, Shawn Martin, admitted to one of six drug charges leveled against him after a raid of his 140-acre estate in August 2007.
The six charges related to growing marijuana on his property. He pled to one count of possession of marijuana.
The five charges dropped include manufacturing marijuana, a second count of possession with intent to distribute, illegal possession of controlled substance, possession of tools for commission of a crime, and firearm possession during a crime.
After pleading guilty, Martin was sentenced to four years of probation, including 80 hours of community service and 240-360 days in a detention center, all of which he served in advance. $50,000 in fines was covered by seized assets like his truck and ATVs.
Back in 2007, MACE agents raided Martin’s estate after receiving a tip and putting the property under surveillance. The agents then gained enough evidence through aerial photos to make an arrest.
Investigators reportedly found about 34 marijuana plants, in various stages of growth and locations on his property; they also found eight pounds of marijuana in bags along with other harvested plants in his house. Agents estimated they confiscated around $188,000 worth.
According to agents, Martin is a first offender and had no previous criminal record. Agents also said he was cooperative throughout the investigation.
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