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Rape suspect sought
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Hinesville police are looking for a man in connection with a reported rape that occurred early Saturday morning outside of Gilley's nightclub in Hinesville.
According to a police report, an officer was dispatched to the emergency room at Liberty Regional Medical Center to interview the victim and a potential witness.
The complainant told police she and her friend were leaving the club for the evening when a man approached them. After some light conversation, the man invited the complainant back into the club for a drink.
Her friend corroborated the woman’s story, indicating all three went back inside the club.
The complainant’s friend reportedly sat with acquaintances at one end of the bar while the victim sat with the man at the other.
The witness said she saw the complainant and the man have a couple of drinks, and then her friend stepped outside of the club with the man while he smoked a cigarette.
The victim reported the man used his cell phone to call someone and then told her they had to look for his friend’s truck in the parking lot.
The woman told police the man tried to kiss her when they got near the truck, and she rebuffed him.
After that, she said, events were unclear.
The complainant told police she remembered being behind a dumpster. She said the man was tugging at her clothing and she told him to stop.
After about 25 minutes, her friend got worried and began looking for her, and found the woman behind the building.
After the pair left the club, the complainant noticed bloodstains on the car seat and they drove to Liberty Regional Medical Center where it was determined the woman had suffered injuries consistent with being raped.
Maj. Thomas Cribbs of the Hinesville Police Department’s detective unit, said the incident appears to be isolated.
He said there have been no similar incidents at Gilley’s to the best of his knowledge.
Currently, the friend who accompanied the victim gave the only available description of the suspect to police.
She described him as a white male about 5’6” tall, weighing about 185 lbs. He was wearing blue jeans, a white tank top and diamond earrings. His hairstyle was described as short and military style, and he had on a gold, front teeth plate. Anyone with information in relation to this crime is asked to call detectives at 368-8215.
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