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Resident confronts men who rang bell, gets shot

A doorbell early Sunday woke up a Thornbriar Drive resident and started a chain of events that left him with a gunshot wound, police said.

Hinesville police Officer Kawanna Portee found the man bleeding from a wound to the right shoulder after responding to the report of gunshots, according to the officer’s report.

The sequence of events began about 5:15 a.m. at the Thornbriar home, when the man and his wife were awakened by the doorbell. The woman went to see who was ringing the bell. Through a window she saw four men walking away from the residence.

She told Portee that one of the men, who had long braids and was wearing a white hoodie, looked back at her as he walked away. One man was riding a bike while another was pushing a bicycle.

She continued to watch as the men stopped at a vehicle parked a few houses down, get into it and apparently go through the items inside.

Meanwhile, her husband got dressed and told his wife he was going to confront the men. He got in his vehicle and as he opened the garage, the report states, the men looked like deer caught in headlights, the wife told Portee. They ran as the man pulled out of his driveway.

The man told Portee he drove down Thornbriar Drive and turned right onto Joseph Martin Road and then onto Woody Court, where he caught up with the men. According to the report, he asked them why they were ringing his doorbell, at which point the men began to yell and curse at him. The man told the officer he heard two shots, one missing him and the other striking him in the right shoulder, exiting his back. The men ran, and the victim drove himself home, where his wife called authorities.

He was taken to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, where he is expected to recover.

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