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Restaurant sanitation scores April 27
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected in March by the Liberty County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. To view all restaurant scores, go to mental-health-inspections.

March 21

• Joseph Martin Elementary School, 315 Coates Rd., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Gave manager information on reportable foodborne illnesses. (2) Talked to manager about proper procedures for handling ready-to-eat food items. (3) Talked to manager about increasing the water temperature on the serving line to keep food at 135F or above. Manager adjusted thermostat on serving line. At the time of inspection all food was at 135F or above because food just came out of warmer.

• Snelson-Golden Middle School, 465 Coates Rd., Hinesville. Score: 89. Grade: B.

Remarks: (1) Observed milk not maintained at 41F or below in the milk cooler. Observed sliding door propped open which caused the milk temperature to become elevated. Need to keep the door closed as much as possible to make sure milk temperatures are not fluctuating during lunch service. Suggest placing a close door sign on the cooler or have employee periodically check the cooler door. Repeat violation. (2) Observed pizza in the warmer/steamer below 135F. Corrected on-site by reheating pizza and adding more water to steamer to increase temperature. (3) Observed baked on residue on the outside of pans. Need to scrub pans to make sure all residue is removed from the pans.

March 22

• Taylors Creek Elementary School, 378 Airport Rd., Hinesville. Score: 99. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed outside dumpster lid open when not in use. New violation. (2) Observed ServSafe certification not posted. Corrected on-site by posting certification. Facility has two serving lines, need to post original certification at one line. (3) Observed water damaged ceiling tiles above serving line. Need to cheek area for leaks and change tiles.

• Waldo Pafford Elementary, 2550 W. 15th St., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Talked to manager about cut leafy greens on the serving line.

March 23

• Alternative Learning Campus: Coastal Academy, 100 Deen St., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Did not observe employee delivering food at the time of inspection. Employee is using warming bags to deliver food to each class during lunch. The food stays at the school during breakfast.

• Alternative Learning Campus: Horizon, 212 School House Rd., Hinesville. Score: 91. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed hot hold (chicken fajitas, corn and beans) and cold holding food (milk) not delivered to the school at the proper temperatures of 135F and above and 41F or below. Person in charge did not serve the hot holding food that was 135F or below. New violation.

• Bradwell Institute, 100 Pafford Rd., Hinesville. Score: 99. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed current inspection report not posted for the public to view. The inspection that was posted was 03/26/2015. New violation. (2) Need to individually wrap ready-to-eat produce sent to alternative school since person in charge is not at both facilities. (3) Observed sanitizer water at 132F. Per manufacturer’s instructions, water needs to be at 65F-75F. Employee was still setting up the sanitizer sink and he is going to add cold water to the sink. (4) Pizza pans need to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized daily unless more information is provided about equipment.

• Youth Challenge Academy, Bldg. 13505, East 16th St., Fort Stewart. Score: 97. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed wet wiping clothes stored on prep table. Corrected on site by removing. New violation. (2) Observed floors not sealed properly and bulging up in the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer. Floors in walk-in cooler and freezer need to be repaired. (3) Observed onions in storage bin starting to mold, corrected on site by discarding. (4) Observed no paper towels in dispenser at hand washing sink, corrected on site by replacing towels.

March 25

• Awesome Wings and Things, 1310 Shaw Rd., Hinesville. Score: 96. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed desserts stored in the front reach-in cooler past expiration date. Corrected on-site by discarding. Food made 03/18/216. Corrected on-site by discarding. New violation. (2) Observed baked potatoes stored at room temperature. Employee brought the food out of the refrigerator around 11:30. Corrected on-site by placing potatoes in the reach-in freezer to decrease temperature. (3) Observed grease residue on crates under grease containers. (4) Need written procedures food non-continuous cooking procedures (fried chicken).

• Izola’s Country Cafe, 809 Willowbrook Dr., Ste 106, Hinesville. Score: 90. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed okra stored on the serving line at room temperature below 135F. Corrected on-site by discarding. New violation. (2) Observed last inspection sheet not posted. Inspection that was posted was 82 which was conducted on 06/25/2016. New violation. (3) Observed burned out light bulb in the rear storage area. Need to change as soon as possible. (4) Need to make sure thermometers are properly calibrated every day. The cook’s thermometer was reading different temperatures than my thermometer. (5) Observed black substance on the interior of the interior of the ice machine.

March 28

• Baymont Inn and Suites (Breakfast), 773 Veterans Pkwy., Hinesville. Score: 91. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed milk on the breakfast buffet above 41 F. Corrected on-site by discarding of milk and replacing milk with milk stored in the refrigerator. New violation. (2) Observed cabinet in disrepair with cardboard covering the hole. (3) Observed ambient thermometer not reading proper temperature in the refrigerator. (4) Observed faucet leaking at 3-compartment sink. Person in charge stated that the maintenance man is going to repair faucet. (5) Observed burned out light bulbs in the rear storage area.

• Hot Wing Express, 794 E.G. Miles Pkwy., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Owner needs to discard of any remaining fried chicken stored on time at the end of the work day even if it is before the 4 hour time limit. Suggest limiting the amount of chicken the facility cooks at night. (2) Employee drink needs to be in disposable sups with lid and straw.

March 29

• Uncommon Grounds of Hinesville LLC, 809 Willowbrook Dr., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.
Remarks: (1) Observed rusty floor tiles in the rear facility by the by the walk-in cooler. Owner has 90 days to replace rusty floor tiles. (2) Need to repair rear hand washing sink when facility starts serving food. (3) Facility is just serving coffee.

Long County

March 4

• Wings-N-Things Funnel Cakes, 182 Wildernest Rd., Ludowici. Score: 96. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed grease accumulated on kitchen floor. New violation. (2) Outer openings of establishment cannot be properly sealed when not in operation. New violation.

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