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Restaurant sanitation scores
Dec. 16-17
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected in December by the Liberty County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. To view all restaurant scores, go to

Dec. 16

• Waffle House #1206, 735 E. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville. Score: 91. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) Observed food in the sandwich cooler above 41 degrees. Corrected on site by manager discarding sliced cheese and ham because he did not know how long it was stored in the cooler. He placed other food that was prepped this morning in the reach-in cooler.  New violation. (2) Observed one bag of expired cut lettuce in the walk-in cooler. Expiration date 12/12/2015. (3) Observed boiled eggs not labeled with the preparation date. Cook and manager stated that the eggs were cooked yesterday. Corrected on site by employee placing label on food. (4) During next inspection if food is not labeled the food will be discarded and point deducted. (5) Will follow up on sandwich line.

Dec. 17

• Liberty Prayer Chapel, 244 Memorial Dr., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.

Remarks: (1) No TCS/PHFs to temp. Person in charge preparing food at the time of inspection. (2) Observed face plate missing on the light switch in the men’s bathroom. (3) Observed damage to the back door frame.

• No. 1 China, 245 Slaten St., Walthourville. Score: 85. Grade: B.

Remarks: (1) Observed person in charge not demonstrating knowledge of proper cook temperatures. CFSM needs to train person in charge about food safety operation procedures. Repeat from previous inspection.  Repeat violation. (2) Observed spices stored uncovered and subject to contamination in the storage area because household products stored above the open containers. Need to rearrange the storage area. Need to clean the inside and outside bulk containers of spices.  New violation. (3) Observed grease build-up on flat pans.  New violation. (4) Observed wiping cloths stored on prep tables and equipment when not in use.  New violation. (5) Observed food splatter and build-up on non-food contact surfaces (wall, storage racks, etc.).  New violation. (6) First aid supplies improperly stored.  New violation. (7) Observed bug in a cup stored in a bag of flour. Manager discarded the cup. Need to use scoops with handles.

• Popeye’s Chicken, 615 E. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville. Score: 85. Grade: B.

Remarks: (1) Observed baked-on food residue on flat pans and observed residue on soda drink nozzles. Corrected on site by rewashing, rinsing and sanitizing equipment. Repeat from previous inspection. Repeat violation. (2) Cooked meats or poultry not held at 135 degrees or above. Corrected on site by discarding. Employees were keeping the chicken tenders in the warmer past disposal time.  New violation. (3) Observed flat pans stacked while wet. (4) Observed food stored in the reach-in cooler that is not working properly. Corrected on site by discarding food. (5) Observed thawed shrimp stored in cooler with biscuits. Corrected on site by discarding. (6) Observed lid and side door open on dumpster. Corrected on site by closing.

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