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Robbers get in store after tearing holes in walls
Hinesville Police blotter

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

March 25
Identity theft — A Bridgemont Way resident met an officer at the station, saying his wife had received a bill from a psychic phone service for $19.99. He called the service and was told someone called using his wife’s name and other information on March 20. He said his wife had not used the service, but that he had reported his wallet stolen at Kroger on March 17. The wallet contained his wife’s military dependent ID and other information, some of which was used during the call to the phone service. The officer gave the man information to dispute the charge.

March 26
Possession of cocaine and marijuana, obstructing officer, reckless driving, fleeing — An officer was parked on South Main Street near Glenn Bryant Street when he saw a black vehicle going approximately 60 mph about 10:30 p.m. The speeding car turned onto Kacey Drive when the officer pulled out to give chase. On Kacey, the speeder pulled into Stop N Store parking lot, jumped a curb and tried to drive through a grassy area, but apparently bogged down. As the officer drove up, one person jumped out of the vehicle and ran. As the officer walked up to the vehicle, he suspected the driver was still trying to get the car in gear and moving. So the officer jerked open the door and pulled the driver out, ordering him to the ground. The driver threw something behind the car and would not get down. The officer forced the driver down and then pulled his gun on a passenger, ordering him out and onto the ground. The passenger complied. The subsequent search found what was suspected to be marijuana and cocaine in bags behind and inside the vehicle. A Domino’s Pizza delivery bag that may be related to an earlier armed robbery was also found. The driver and passenger were booked into jail. The runner was not found.

March 27
Burglary — A Tanglewood Drive resident reported that the day before, while she had taken her son to a sporting event in South Carolina (9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.) someone had gotten into their home and taken at least an Xbox 360 and games, a Kindle and a Michael Kors watch. It appeared the burglar or burglars had searched many areas of the home, but was unclear what all was missing. She said she was sure some exterior doors had been locked, but not all of them. Officers found no evidence of forced entry, though a handprint the resident did not think was hers was found. Officers informed detectives and asked the homeowner for more details of missing items, if she found any.

March 28
Obstruction, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and accidental damage — An officer was monitoring the Gen. Stewart Way and Taylor Road area because of recent property crimes and assaults in the area. About 4 a.m., he saw a young man walk out of Stewart Way Apartments and later ride a bike into Treetop Apartments, where he went into an apartment. Later he left on foot. Another officer stopped the man. During questioning, he said he had returned the bike to an acquaintance and while there, had smoked marijuana since the officer said he reeked of pot. He refused a voluntary search, but the officer said he had probable cause to compel a search. That’s when the suspect started resisting, pushing and flailing his arms. The officer put the suspect on the ground and handcuffed him. The suspected pot and digital scales were found during a search of the suspect’s clothes, as was a black skull cap with possible eyeholes cut in it that could have been used as a mask.

March 29
Business burglary, forced entry — About 1:45 a.m., a motion sensor set off a burglary alarm at a Dollar General store on Highway 84. Officers found the front doors secured, but also a 4-foot-by-3-foot hole in the exterior of the rear of the building, leading into “The Temples Company.” There was also a hole knocked into drywall between that business and the store. Officers did not find anyone in the building, nor could they tell if anything was missing. The report says a representative of the store was called, that none could be found for Temples, but the report did not go into when the store employee arrived. It did say detectives were notified.

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