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Sheriff welcomes new bonding agency
Ernie Walthour earns certification, opens company in Liberty County
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Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes pictured here with long-time friend Ernie Walthour years ago when Walthour opened up his own bonding company, Liberty County Bonding. The Sheriff remains determined in solving Walthour's death that occurred in 2013. - photo by Patty Leon

Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes officially welcomed a new bonding agency to Liberty County. Sikes congratulated owner Ernie Walthour and commended him for going through the certification process. Sikes said Walthour’s company offers the public options that once were limited.

“Early in my campaign, I kept getting questions as to why we didn’t have equal representation in the bonding business in Liberty County,” Sikes said. “At that time, I think we only had one (bonding agency).

“And to fulfill the commitment to the citizens in our county, I started searching to see who in fact would make a good bonding company, and I was approached by Ernie Walthour. … He has represented my office and the citizens of this county very well in all that he has done, and I’m here to commend him.”

Walthour’s company, Liberty County Bonding, opened seven months ago. It’s headquartered in Holmestown.

Sikes said Walthour successfully completed the certification process, which included several background checks, satisfying financial requirements with the bank and fulfilling collateral requirements.

Walthour also had to attend a course in Atlanta to earn his certification.

For several years, Sikes said, there was only one bonding company in Liberty County. With the addition of Liberty County Bonding, citizens now have three companies to choose from.

“It gives people a choice, and I’ve always felt that competition always creates, at the very least, fairness,” Sikes said.

“People wanted a choice, and I know a lot of people … I thought about it and checked to see if I could get the qualifications,” Walthour said. “I talked to the sheriff, went to the school in Atlanta, and once all the papers were in order, I applied for the permit with the county. There are a lot of people we can help, good people.”

Sikes said the phone numbers for all three bonding companies are posted on the bulletin board at the jail.

The sheriff said Walthour took every appropriate measure to ensure he could provide the service to the residents of Liberty County.

“He’s doing a good job,” Sikes said.

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