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Sheriff's blotter for March 11
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• Accidental shooting/injury
Waterfield drive
March 1

An officer was dispatched to a house after a resident called 911 and hung up. When the officer arrived a women said her husband had been accidentally shot and was lying in the bedroom. The officer found a man lying on the floor complaining that he had been shot in leg. When asked how he got shot, the man said he and his wife were drinking when they started arguing because he wanted to leave and she took the car keys away from him. After he still tried to leave, the woman threatened to kill herself and locked herself in the bathroom. The man broke into the room and found the woman with a gun.
He said he wrestled with her and was shot in the process. The man was
taken to Savannah for medical treatment and the woman was taken to the LRMC for a mental evaluation.

• Missing adult
Keith Drive
March 3

A man called police after a friend left home for work one morning and had not returned. The complainant told the officer he especially became concerned when his friend’s boss told him that he had called, threatening to kill other employees. As of March 3 the man and his green Toyota truck were still missing. Friends and family told authorities he doesn’t have any weapons, but could be dangerous.

• Robbery
Memorial Drive
Feb. 28

A convenience store clerk told an officer a woman came into the store and bought a pack of gum and left. She then returned and started asking the clerk about cigarettes. While
they were talking, two
men, wearing dark sweatshirts and masks, pointed guns at the clerk. The female screamed and ran out. The men took $147 in a plastic bag. Two witnesses, who were outside of the store, saw the woman get into a silver sedan and saw the two men get into the same car a few minutes later.

• Suspicious activity
Rebecca Street
March 5

A man called the police when his daughter complained that a man was following her to school. The daughter said one morning a man in a red Corolla drove slowly next to her as she walked to school. The girl said she didn’t think too much about it until she left school that day and saw the same man in the same car. When he followed her home, she reported the incident to her father. The girl said he never said anything or made gestures, but she still felt uneasy. The school was notified and the police told her father to take his daughter to school for a time.

• Disorderly conduct/ public peace free text
West General Screven Way
March 4

A woman became upset when she went to Taco Bell and was approached by a tall man who said
he needed money. The woman gave him $2, but the man said he wanted a $5 bill she was holding. Because she was scared, the woman gave him the money, and he proceeded to hold her arm and try to kiss her. The woman managed to push him away, got in her car and left. Upon arriving home upset, her husband went to Taco Bell to find the man. When her husband got to the restaurant he confronted the man and called 911. The man was taken to jail for begging and disorderly conduct.
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