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Sheriff's blotter for March 4
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Feb. 19
• Fleeing and attempting to elude, DUI (2nd), driving with suspended license
Highway 196 West, Hinesville
When an officer suspected a possible DUI, he tried to pull the car over on 196. Despite the lights, the vehicle turned left on McDowell Street. The driver continued to make many more turns and ran a railroad crossing stop sign. A second officer tried to block the car in the street, but the driver swerved into a nearby yard and got away. A third officer and the initial officer then used their cars to eventually block the driver. Upon arrest, the driver blew a .199 on the intoxilyzer. The legal blood alcohol limit is .08 percent.

Feb. 12
• Attempted sexual assault
Joyner Road
A woman was sleeping on her couch when she said she awoke to a man pulling up her nightgown. The woman screamed and the man ran toward the back door. But the woman told the man he could not get out through the back, so he turned and fled through the front. The woman described the man as black, about 6 feet tall, with short hair. He was wearing a white T-shirt and baggy shorts.

Feb. 16
• Possession of synthetic narcotics, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana
Carter Road
An officer pulled over a car, saying it had two missing brake lights. However, he suspected something else wasn’t right when the driver jumped out while the car was the still moving and ran into the woods. The officer chased the suspect and eventually caught him. When they returned to the car, which stopped on some cinder blocks in the road, the officer found what he suspected were several illegal substances, including crack cocaine, ecstasy pills and marijuana, as well as an open bottle of liquor and an open beer. The offender was taken to the hospital to treat a gash he incurred when he ran into a tree while fleeing.

Jan. 26
• Harassing communications
East Oglethorpe
A woman called officers, claiming she has been receiving harassing calls consistently for almost a month. She told police she thinks the calls are coming from her brother and his girlfriend. She also said her brother might be upset with her because her son stands accused of molesting his children.
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