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Sheriff's blotter for May 20
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• Pointing or aiming gun at another
May 14
Isle of Wight Road

An officer was sent to Isle of Wight Road on a domestic disturbance call involving a handgun. When the officer arrived a man without a shirt was waiting outside his house by a car. When the officer asked him what happened he said after an argument, his wife got a gun, pointed it at him, threatening to shoot him, his ex-wife and herself. The man said during his attempt to control the woman, she ripped off his shirt. Upon questioning, the woman vehemently denied pointing a gun at him and said she only threatened to kill herself, after which she claims the man told her to go ahead and do it. During the conversation, the officer began to suspect the woman was heavily intoxicated based on her drastic mood swings and asked if she intended to harm herself. She said no. The officer arrested the woman after concluding she was most likely the primary aggressor and she repeatedly tried to kick out the windows of his squad car.

• Obstructing or hindering officers
May 8
North Carlyene Drive

A man was charged with evasion after a police officer noticed him wildly running around a house. After the officer yelled at him several times, trying to get him to stop, the man continued to run. The man, not responding to the commands, soon took off into the woods forcing the officer to chase him. The officer quickly caught him and the man was taken to jail.

• Criminal trespass
May 11
Emily Cook Lane

A woman called to tell police that earlier, while she had been lying in her bed, an unknown man opened her bedroom window from the outside. The woman said she noticed something was wrong when the curtain moved and then a hand touched her arm. She immediately closed the window and called 911. Upon inspection, the officer didn’t see any tracks outside the window, but reported fingerprints on the outside of the window.

• Armed robbery
May 7
Live Oak Church Road

A man said there was a knock at his door and when his wife opened it, two men barged in, one holding a shotgun and one with a silver pistol. The man with the shotgun told the man’s wife and his three kids to lie on the floor. The man with the pistol found the complainant in the back of the house, struck him in the head with the weapon, and forced the man to get on the floor with his family. The gunmen then questioned them on the whereabouts of a certain man, and the husband and wife both repeatedly stated they didn’t know the man. When they couldn’t get any information, the men said they were from West Savannah and were looking for him. They then left.

Aggravated stalking
May 14
Lewis Frasier Road

A woman called authorities when she received several unsolicited phone calls from a man. She told the officer she had protective order against the man, prohibiting him from calling or coming to her residence. However, she said since May 5, the man had called her at least 22 times and tried repeatedly to talk to her daughter. The woman said she knows it’s the man she has an order against because he calls from his residence. However, she also believes he calls her from multiple unknown or blocked numbers.

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