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Sheriff's blotter for Sept. 28
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Aug. 21, Burglary/forced entry, West Oglethorpe Hwy.
A deputy driving by the Krystals on West Oglethorpe Highway saw a smashed window on the side of the building. When the officer investigated, he found coin rolls lying on the floor behind the register. Nothing else besides the money drawer seemed out of place. Officers believe the suspect could be a disgruntled employee.

Sept. 1
Animal cruelty
disorderly conduct

An officer responded to a call made by a man who claims his neighbor threatened to poison his animals. The neighbor says the man's cats had been urinating in his boat. The next day the complainant says he found his dog dead and mysterious meat in his yard. He is sure his neighbor is responsible.

Aug. 29

In a strange burglary, an officer responded to a neighbor who called about suspicious behavior and a triggered alarm at her friend's house. The homeowner was out of town at the time. When she returned home, she informed police that indeed there were missing items. However she said only her husband's belongings were missing. She later disclosed her husband had been killed in action in Iraq.

Aug. 20
Emmerson Road

A complainant called police when her daughter and daughter's friend said they saw a man dressed in black lingering behind a neighbor's house close to the tree line. When the officer arrived, the suspect ran off. Although the suspect was not apprehended, there was a white tennis shoe found in the woods and was taken in as evidence.

August 1
Suspicious activity

A woman called authorities after finding a strange package on top of her car. She didn't know who was responsible for the package which contained a Tony Stewart shirt and shorts. There was a note enclosed that said,  "If these don't fit, let me know." The note was signed "Tony." The woman destroyed the package.

Aug. 29
Simple battery
Pineridge Way

When authorities arrived to the scene, a 13-year-old girl told officers the reason she had a swollen cheek and red, slap marks on her arms was because her mother hit her. In response, the mother said she was sick of working hard only to be disrespected by her own child. The mother felt disrespected after the daughter wrongly disciplined a younger sibling. DFACS was notified but decided in was in the best interest of the minor for her to stay with her mother. They also advised the mother not to use violence when she is stressed out or upset.

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