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Sheriff's blotter Jan. 31
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Armed robbery
Jan. 20, 2007
Leroy Coffer Highway
Deputies responded to a residence where the complainant reported he had been robbed at gunpoint. According to the report, the complainant stated  he had been out drinking at a lounge earlier and became friendly with a light skinned black male and his two friends. When he became intoxicated, the light skinned black male offered him a ride home and he accepted. Once home, the complainant reported, one of the guys asked if he could come in and have a beer, so the complainant invited them into his house. Immediately, one of the guys pulled out a gun and pointed it at the complainant while the other guy hit him over the head with his own pool stick. The complainant managed to run out of the house and later observed the guys fleeing the scene. Deputies found the house in disarray and a broken pool stick on the floor. About $400 was reported missing along with several rifles, a knife with a 12-inch blade, and some clothing.
Alleged counterfeit currency
Jan. 23, 2007
Cay Creek road, Midway

A customer went to purchase some items from a store in Midway and when she tendered the money to the store clerk, the clerk informed her that it was a fake $10 bill. The customer told the deputy she received the bill as change from purchases she made at a store earlier that day. The store clerk told the deputy that a few weeks earlier another customer that received a fake $10 bill as change also claimed she received it at the same store.
Missing/recovered children
Jan. 26, 2007
Griffin Road, Walthourville

Complainant told deputies she put her two sons, ages 3 and 18 months, to bed and then went to take a bath. An hour later she entered the living room and found the front door open and discovered her children were no longer in the house.  All units in the area were activated to search for the missing children. Long County 911 advised that two Long County residents found the two children walking on the side of the road on Arnold Drive. The residents picked up the children and waited for the police to pick them up. The children were determined to be fine and the Department of Family and Children Services was notified and later arrived at the residence to conduct an investigation.
Dumpster fire
Jan. 27, 2007
Baconton Road Midway

A deputy was dispatched to the area in reference to a fire. Upon arrival three different trash dumpsters were on fire. Walthourville and Riceboro Fire Department were already on scene extinguishing the flames they believed were purposely set.
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