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Sheriff's Office receives new radar gun
Hopes to reduce incidents on Hwy. 196
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Finding that Highway 196 was among the worst roadways for fatalities and wrecks, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety gave sheriff Don Martin a new hand held radar gun Wednesday morning.
In turn sheriff Martin immediately turned the radar gun over to Sgt. Shawn Fields who said he planned to start using it this afternoon and let commuters know the Liberty County Sheriff's Office is committed to commuters safety.
Robert F. Dallas, director of the Governor's Office of Highway Safety presented the radar gun as part of their Rural Road Initiative, which supports rural law enforcement agencies with the technical equipment that is needed for traffic enforcement. The Liberty County Sheriff's Office was picked after a recent study found that Highway 196 had a history for high incidents of speeding violations, wrecks and fatalities.
This is the first hand held model in Liberty County that allows for safer use on a roadway like Highway 196 where construction, heavy traffic and lack of significant shoulder areas make it hard for officers to use the vehicle mounted radar guns without placing themselves and the public in harm's way.
Commuters on their way home today should be aware that big brother is watching you with a new set of $1500 Falcon radar eyes.
Read the full story in Friday's Coastal Courier.

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