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Shots fired at kids getting off bus
No one hurt on Pointe South Drive
The bus stopped near the corner of Greenbriar and Pointe South streets. - photo by Photo by Denise Etheridge
Shots were fired at a group of middle and high school students as they got off a bus in the 200 block of Pointe South Drive Tuesday afternoon. No one was injured.
Hinesville Police Major Det. T. E. Cribbs said the shooter got out of a white car and started firing at possibly four teenagers as they arrived home on the bus from school at about 3:55 p.m.
“Kids scattered everywhere,” Cribbs said. “We found five cartridges.”
The victims and other witnesses told police the shooter was one of five individuals seen riding in the white car. No suspects had been identified when officers were scouring the area for evidence and interviewing people in the neighborhood about 5 p.m. Tuesday.
Cribbs said some evidence implied only one person fired the shots. At least one home and a mail box were struck by bullets.
This is the second shooting the Hinesville neighborhood has experienced in two months.
In July, a 5-year-old boy was wounded in a drive-by shooting on Pointe South Drive. The boy had been visiting Ann Mitchell who told police the July shooting may have been in retaliation of an altercation her son’s friend had with other individuals.
Mitchell lives down the street from the bus stop involved in Tuesday’s shooting.
When asked if the bus shooting was related to the shooting in July, Cribbs said, “We don’t have anything to prove that just yet.”
He said investigators were also exploring the possibility that a fight in a nearby neighborhood was connected to the shooting.
The investigation is ongoing.
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