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Stalking suspect ordered to state hospital for evaluation
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A judge has ordered a mental evaluation of a woman to see if she is competent to stand trail on aggravated charges.
Liberty County Superior Court Judge Robert Russell issued the order, suggesting the behavior of Aisa Gautier in court and other places led him to believe she may be incompetent. His order requests that she be placed in the custody of Department of Human Resources, confined to a state facility. She is to be evaluated within 90 days.
The mental evaluation is to decide whether she is competent to stand trial and whether she will, at some future time, attain mental competency to stand trial.
Gautier is currently at the Liberty County Jail after an earlier bond was revoked and a new bond denied for her alleged stalking another woman.
Initially Gautier was out of jail on a $15,000 bond from an incident around Aug. 31, when Gautier was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. At that time it was reported she shot the other woman in the hand.
During the state's testimony in a preliminary hearing, it was reported that Gautier forced her way into the other woman's residence where they fought after the other woman was found hiding in a bedroom.
During the altercation, the gun reportedly went off, shooting the woman's hand. Police were dispatched and reported that Gautier shot herself in the lower abdomen.
After posting her initial bond, Gautier allegedly tried to contact the victim on three occasions, violating the bond agreement.
Gautier's public defender, Reginald Martin, argued that the other woman actually tried to call Gautier. However, police testified that HPD did receive reports mentioning Gautier tried to directly or indirectly contact the other woman.
The victim reportedly has undergone several surgeries to repair her hand and has reported that she fears for her life.
The order was that Gautier be taken to the Georgia Regional Hospital in Savannah and she is to remain in the custody of the Department of Human Resources until a written order to return to jail and court is signed.
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