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Suspect compounds charges by running
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter

Reports filed last month with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office include:

Nov. 19
Theft by taking — An officer was dispatched to Joyner Road in reference to a burglary. The homeowner said her ex-boyfriend broke into her home and took his belongings while she was away from the residence. The ex-boyfriend moved out, and she has tried to have him pick up his things several times. She went out of town and when she returned she noticed that someone had pried the back door open with what appeared to be a screwdriver. All of her ex-boyfriend’s items were gone, along with two surge protectors that belonged to the ex-girlfriend.

Nov. 12
DFACS referral — A 3-year-old child was seen running into traffic at the intersection of North Coastal Highway and Freedman Grove Road. A witness told the officer she saw the girl run into the road, almost getting hit by oncoming traffic. The little girl pointed to a home near the intersection as her home. Four juveniles were seen getting off the school bus and going into that residence 10 minutes before the girl came out into the road. An officer went to the home and spoke with the children, who said the adult of the home was at a meeting at school. Attempts were made to contact the adult, and she called the officer back. When she arrived home, she admitted to leaving the children at the residence unattended because she had to attend a parent/teacher conference. She expected the school bus with other children to arrive shortly after her departure. The officer explained to her the seriousness of the situation and said that the incident will be documented and passed on to the appropriate personnel.

Nov. 11
Matter of record — An officer responded to a criminal trespass complaint on Robinson Lane. A man said that while he was at work someone came to his home and slashed the tires on his truck and the front tire on his lawn mower. The officer observed flat tires on the truck and mower, but saw no damage.

Driving without a valid license, brake light/turn signal violation — A brown Ford Expedition with a Florida tag was pulled over at Party Package Liquor Store. The officer had seen the vehicle turn right into the store, but the rear turn signal was not working, while the turn signal on the passenger side  mirror was working. The officer asked the driver for his license and registration, but he provided a Georgia ID card. The vehicle tag and ID were run. Results showed the driver was unlicensed and that the tag had expired a few days before the stop. The driver was arrested and taken to the Liberty County Jail.

Terroristic threats and acts — An officer was dispatched to Robinson Lane in reference to threats against a resident. The complainant said his neighbors came outside and told him that “if he had a problem, that he could come over and take care of it.” The man did not tell the officer of any true threats of harm to him or his property. A neighbor, one of the individuals the complainant identified as making threats, said the complainant made threats against her earlier. She said he was outside earlier with a gas can and said he was going to burn down her home and possibly other homes in the area. He allegedly stood outside throughout the day and made lewd suggestions toward her in front of her small children.
Matter of record — A woman complained that her mother was harassing her. The mother came to the daughter’s residence without an invitation and started harassing her about the house not being cleaned. She told her mother to leave her alone and not come over anymore. The mother later called numerous times and would not stop. The daughter refused to answer the phone and changed her number after the incident.

Narcotics violations, attempting to elude officers and numerous traffic violations — An officer saw a Chevy Caprice driving less than the 40 mph speed limit in the left lane. The officer initiated a traffic stop on Hollywood Drive. Another officer arrived, and the driver provided his license and registration. The first officer smelled what he thought was marijuana and the second officer brought out his narcotics K-9, and it reacted to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle. As the dog was being rewarded, the driver drove away. The first officer chased the driver on Hollywood Drive toward Live Oak Drive. During the chase, the driver failed to use his turn signals, didn’t stop at stop signs and crossed the center lane multiple times. The driver turned right onto Amanda Drive and opened the door as if he were about to flee on foot. He then shut the door and continued driving, turning onto Langston Lane. On Langston, the driver reached a cul-de-sac. He drove into a yard and crashed into the front window of the home before stopping. The driver then ran off. The officer chased, and the subject jumped a fence and ran behind a home. The officer shot his Taser, but missed. The officer stopped the chase to secure the vehicle. The second officer arrived and searched the car. There was a clear container on the driver’s front seat that contained
13 small bags of a green, leafy substance, and a small bag containing a white substance that appeared to be crack cocaine. Another clear bag with a green, leafy substance was found next to the fence the subject had jumped. A black Hi-Point 9 mm handgun was found near the rear of the first officer’s vehicle where the subject ran. There was also a small digital scale next to a home and a cellphone in the backyard.

Nov. 10
Matter of record — A Midway resident told an officer that her neighbor threatened to kill her dogs. The neighbor allegedly said, “I’m going to kill your dogs. They keep pooping my yard. I’m going to poison them with antifreeze.” The complainant told her neighbor that if her dogs did anything to notify her and she would take care of it. One time, one of her dogs ate some crab shells from the neighbor’s yard, and it cut the inside of the dog and killed it. The complainant asked the officer not to talk with the neighbor.

Safety check — An officer was patrolling Main Trail in Fleming and noticed the front door to a home open. A dog came out of the home and there were two parked cars in the yard but no one in the driveway. The officer knocked on the door to see if anyone was home and if everything was OK. The front door looked as if it had been forced open. Other officers were called to help clear the house. No intruders were found. The front door was secured, and a business card was left on the door for the homeowner to contact 911 central if need. The homeowner called the Sheriff’s Office after he returned home. He said the door has been broken for a while, and he did not have the money for repairs. The homeowner requested deputies to not enter his house if they see his door open again.

Missing juvenile — A parent called officers about his son, a ninth-grader at Liberty County High School, who had gone missing. He described his son as light-skinned black,
5 feet 7 inches, weighing 120 to 125 pounds. The son has an Afro and wears black-rimmed eyeglasses. He was last seen wearing a black polo shirt, khakis and black-and-white Adidas shoes. His son may have a book bag or case that carries his school iPad. The family contacted his friends and girlfriend. They could not provide any information on his location. The girlfriend said she last saw him the afternoon before as he got on the bus.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding — A vehicle was clocked driving 87 mph in a 55-mph speed zone near Gum Branch. An officer initiated a traffic stop, and the driver agreed that he was speeding. The driver’s speech was slurred, his eyes appeared to be bloodshot and the officer detected the odor of alcohol. The driver admitted to drinking, but said he didn’t have a lot. Sobriety field tests were conducted, and the driver failed. The driver complied with doing a breathalyzer test, which showed the presence of alcohol above the legal limit. He was arrested, and two more breath samples taken at the jail showed readings of 0.093 percent and 0.099 percent blood-alcohol content, respectively.

Theft by taking — A man reported that his iPad was missing and thinks that his daughter was the culprit. The father said he received a text message from his daughter around 2 p.m., saying that she wanted to go into his house to pick up her mail and television. The father replied that he wouldn’t be home, and he would let her know when he was. He received a text from his daughter saying that she was in his house because the door was unlocked and was retrieving her stuff. The father returned home and noticed his iPad was missing. He’s not worried about how his daughter got into the house but just wants his iPad that he uses for work.

Matter of record — Officers were called to a home on McIver Road about a man beating on the front door of his neighbor. The neighbor said the man was “once again intoxicated” and tried to come inside her home. The man was found next door intoxicated, watching television. He was compliant and agreed to remain inside his home. Officers were called to the same home Nov. 4 for a similar incident. The man said he was on probation and didn’t want to get arrested.

Nov. 9
Matter of record — A woman reported that she received three phone messages stating that it was the Internal Revenue Service calling to notify her of a lawsuit. The woman said she does not owe the IRS money and believed the messages were fraudulent. She was advised to contact the IRS at the number provided on its website to verify the information and inform the Sheriff’s Office if the calls were fraudulent.

Nov. 6
Found contraband — A bag containing a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana was found by a custodian at Liberty County High School. The bag was found on the floor near the front door. It was turned over to the Narcotics Unit.

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