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Three promoted at Liberty County Sheriff's Department
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Three of Liberty County Sheriff Don Martin’s finest received promotions earlier this week as the department handed out two advanced deputy sheriff stripes and a lieutenant pin.

William Solomon and Jim Chapman were given their stripes and Diana Keel was pinned in a small ceremony at Martin’s office Monday afternoon. Chief Deputy Keith Moran said the promotions are a result of a program the department implemented years ago.

"Throughout the years, most sheriff departments are affected by losing personnel," he said. "We started a career progression promotion system to advance deputy sheriffs all the way to corporal. If an officer stays with the department for three years and takes advance training courses, then they are eligible for promotion to advance deputy, then to corporal and then on to supervisory positions."

Most departments spend money during the hiring process of new deputies, only to have them transfer to different departments or locations within the first few years of service. Moran said the LCSD’s incentive program makes it an exception to the rule.

"Well, we rarely lose anybody. So for these guys to make the effort, it’s a tribute to the sheriff," he said. "Of course, Lt. Keel has earned it. I mean, 20 years of service. Man!"

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