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Waycross woman arrested after Amtrak train hits roadblock in Wayne County
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An Amtrak train was damaged by what appeared to be an intentional roadblock on the tracks in Wayne County earlier this week, authorities said.

According to an incident report filed by Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jerry Sloan, an Amtrak train with passengers was damaged June 19, near the Wayne/Brantley county line.

Sloan wrote that the passenger train was traveling from Sanford, Florida, to Virginia when it hit an old railroad tie and a tree at 70 mph shortly after 7:30 p.m. near Ed Harrell Road in Wayne County.

A witness told Sloan he spotted three people sitting in a camouflaged four-wheeler on the side of the tracks watching as the train struck the debris. The individuals then drove off into the woods after the train had stopped. 

According to the report, the tie ruptured a diesel fuel line under the engine, spilling between 150 and 200 gallons of fuel on the tracks. No one was injured; however, a woman had to be treated for symptoms stemming from her diabetes.

While emergency crews were on the scene, the four wheeler that had been spotted by the witness returned, but fled the scene when it encountered law-enforcement officers. Sloan followed the vehicle’s tracks and found it at a home near the accident scene, where he also found a woman hiding under a bush in the yard.

The woman was placed under arrest and charged with obstruction of a law-enforcement officer. When she was asked to give her name, she provided Sloan with several different names, the report says.

Authorities were later able to identify her as Ashley Nicole Moody, 27, of Waycross. She was charged with criminal destruction of property, giving a false name and possession of drug-related objects, in addition to the obstruction charge.

According to Wayne County Detective Brandon Rozier, the case is being handled by the CSX and Amtrak police departments. He said they are currently looking for two men and a woman in connection with the incident.


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