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Woman allegedly cashed check after depositing it
Hinesville PD blotter for July 25

Reports filed recently with the Hinesville Police Department include:

July 20

Fraud — A Pineland Avenue resident called police because his bank had closed his account after $3,500 had been deposited in it. The report implies the bank took the action because it was out of charcter for the man, who reported that the day before he thought he had less than $10 in the account. He learned it had been closed when he tried to check the balance. He learned about the July 18 deposit when he called his bank.

July 19

Burglary of business, forced entry — The manager of World Finance Corp. reported that someone broke into the Veterans Parkway business. She said that as she opened that doors, she saw drawers open and items out of place. After offices cleared the building they found that someone had torn some sheet metal off the back the building, dug through insulation and punched a hole in the sheetrock. The only items reported missing were a broken copy machine that had been boxed up to ship out, and a small stereo. There was no estimate of the damage to the building.

Fraud — An officer of Ameris Bank reported that on June 30, a woman cashed a $1,900 check. It was a refund check from an area school on an Ameris account. The next day, however, the bank learned that the check had been deposited on June 28 in an account with another bank using a mobile deposit application. The woman was contacted. She admitted depositing the check, but denied cashing it. Video provided by the bank, however, showed her cashing the check. The officers took evidence and explained how the case would go forward.

Terroristic threats — A woman reported that when she met a man she had contacted through Tagged online, she became uncomfortable and said she did not want to become friends. Later, however, he sent her messages, threatening her and her six children’s lives. She was able to give officers only his first name and a description. She was told to tell the man not to contact her and to file another report.

July 18

Aggravated assault, battery — Officers were called to an E.G. Miles Parkway residence where a man reported that he had been stabbed. The man said he and his wife had argued the night before and that morning about different issues. He said his wife eventually picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the arm. She admitted they had argued, but said she stabbed him only when he was trying to choke her. The report said the officer did not see any evidence of choking on her neck. The woman’s daughter, who was the subject of one of the arguments, said she witnessed the confrontation and that the man was standing over her mother. The daughter said that from her perspective, she could not tell if her mother was being choked. The man was taken to a Savannah hospital after warrant procedures were explained to both.

Violation of good behavior bond — An Easy Street resident reported that a woman she has a court order against had made contact with her and a man who was at her residence. The woman called her at least once and the man as many as 24 times while he was at the home. She also went to the home. When the resident and man went out, the woman acted irrationally toward them. The resident would not identify the man, but said, "He is the child of one of her children and also the father of (the other woman’s) child," according to the report.

July 17

Larceny of government property — A manager of a Kasey Drive storage business called police to report that he saw a man in a delivery truck pick up a city-owned trash can. Through the manager and delivery business, officers got an identity of the driver, who later returned the trash can. He told officers he thought the trash can itself had been trash and took it home. He said he commonly finds stuff abandoned at the storage business and takes it home.

July 16

Armed robbery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, possession of tools during a crime, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of firearm by felon and during crime, arrest for other agency — A woman called 911 from America’s Best Quality Inn, saying a man had responded to her "massage ad" online, but that during their encounter, the man had not been able to respond. When he asked her for more time, she asked for $100 more than the original $150. After a time with still no response, she decided to leave, and he got angry. She pulled pepper spray, and he pulled a gun and pointed it at her head. She started yelling that "he had a gun at the top of her lungs," the report states. After a couple of minutes, he opened the door and allowed her to leave. She called 911 from the lobby. The suspect at first denied having had a gun. Under questioning, however, that story broke and he claimed he had a friend’s gun, but that he had not pulled it on the woman. During the investigation, officers found drugs and paraphernalia associated with marijuana sales. After he was arrested and processed for jail, officers returned to his motel room with a warrant and found a gun and ammunition inside. The case was turned over to detectives. There was no word of action against the woman in the report.

Fraud — A woman reported that when she asked Georgia Power to start electricity for her at a Harbor Rain apartment, she was told she had an outstanding balance from service at a Hall Street residence. She told police she had never lived there and did not know anyone who had. The officer said a check of records showed that a man, who was in earlier reports, had used that address during the time of the allged fraud. Officers are looking for the man.

Assist citizen — A man called police after allegedly depositing $834 in his bank at an ATM, but not getting any record of it. He said the ATM receipt indicated it was unable to deposit the money into his account, but did not return the money, which was various bills, including six $100 bills. When he called his bank he was told no record of the transaction could be found. He called 911.

July 15

Trespassing — A woman told her boyfriend that when she was putting her child in his car at their Glenn Bryant Road home, she found that a back window had been smashed. The boyfriend said that the night before someone had driven by slowly and given him a threatening hand gesture. He said he believed the threat and damage were related to the mistaken idea that he was friends with someone who was wanted for murder in a separate case. He said he is related to the murder suspect’s children, but that he is not friends with the suspect.

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