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Woman arrested after Long Co. neighbor dispute escalates
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A Long County teacher was arrested last week after allegedly making a racial slur to a woman in front of the woman’s child. According to an incident report provided by the Long County Sheriff’s Office, Candy Parker was taken into custody Aug. 25 after she reportedly made several derogatory statements to her neighbor, Amanda Wilcox.

According to the report, which was written by LCSO Deputy Luis Perez, authorities responded to a complaint on Mill Pond alleging that Parker and a member of her family had been driving across Wilcox’s property. Perez said he went to Parker’s home and asked her — or whoever was doing it — to stop driving across Wilcox’s lawn. Parker reportedly slammed the door in Perez’s face then came outside and began cursing at Wilcox.

Parker went back inside, and LCSO Sgt. Andy Young arrived at Parker’s residence. Perez said Parker came back outside and again started to curse at Wilcox, allegedly making a racial slur in the presence of Wilcox’s 9-year-old daughter.

Parker was told by the authorities that if she continued to curse in front of the child, she would be arrested. According to Perez, Parker told both deputies that she did not like either of them and demanded they get off her property. She also allegedly made a derogatory comment to Perez.

The two deputies arrested Parker, and she has been charged with disorderly or indecent conduct.

Long County Superintendent Dr. Robert Waters said he was aware of the matter, but could not comment because it is a personnel issue.

According to the Georgia Professional Standard Commission’s Code of Ethics for Educators, Standard 10 says, “An educator shall demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards and preserves the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession. Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to any conduct that impairs and/or diminishes the certificate holder’s ability to function professionally in his or her employment position, or behavior or conduct that is detrimental to the health, welfare, discipline, or morals of students.”

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