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Woman doesn't fall for tax scam
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office include:

Dec. 21
Fraudulent calls — A woman said someone called her cellphone claiming to be with the U.S. Treasury and said she had not filed her taxes and owed $1,000. The caller added that if the amount was not paid in 45 minutes, the U.S. marshals would arrest her. The officer called the number, and it was answered by a foreign person who stated he was a treasury official but would not provide any identifying information. When the officer asked about collecting money and having a specified time to pay, the call disconnected.

Dec. 20
Stolen camera — A man said his neighbor had texted him that morning about a trail-game cam belonging to the neighbor that had gone missing. The neighbor thought the man’s brother took it, but he denied it. The neighbor noticed it missing while out hunting that day. The deputy later discovered that the game cam had been placed on property that the neighbor did not own or have permission to be hunting on. The neighbor said he did not know who owned the land and was advised that he must have permission in writing from the landowner before hunting on the property.

Dec. 18
Vandalism — A woman said that unknown suspects had vandalized a commercial trailer that was being refurnished for residential use. The inside was splattered with a dark-colored paint over the walls, windows, doors, and floors in two rooms. The paint that was used was already inside the residence. The woman said that normally the doors are unlocked but they would now be locked. They believe they had done it sometime over a three-day period.

Criminal trespass — A deputy was dispatched in response to a domestic dispute. When he arrived, the deputy talked to the complainant, who said her daughter’s partner had punched out a window in a camper trailer he was staying in on the property. The woman said she owned the trailer and that the boyfriend stated he was not going to work that day and went back to the trailer. When the deputy made contact with the man, he appeared to be emotionally distressed and having a mental crisis. He said he suffered from bipolar disorder, had other emotional problems and had not taken his medication in a year. He also had some injuries to his hand from hitting the window. When asked if he wanted to go to the hospital to get back on his medication, he said yes but wanted his partner to take him. They went to the hospital, and there were no problems.

Dec. 16
Harassing phone calls — A woman said she had received at least 46 messages on her work phone from a man over a three-week period. According to the deputy, the messages where incoherent. The man would say his name in the message and then go off babbling in incomplete sentences and made-up words. The matter was turned over to the Detective Division.

Dec. 14
Theft by taking — A man returning from a Savannah hospital said that the cab driver who brought him home stole his medicine and wallet. The man said he was under the influence of pain medicine, which is why he had to be driven home. When they got to his house, the taxi driver helped him bring in his walker and medicine bag into the house. The bag of medicine also contained his wallet. The man said he was talking with the cab company’s supervisor, but he said his driver did not take the wallet or medications.

Dec. 12
Verbal dispute — Around 1 a.m., a mother said her juvenile son was refusing to listen and was arguing with her. She told her son it was late and time to go to sleep and to give her his cellphone and Xbox controller, but he refused. The son said they had made an agreement earlier that he could stay up later on the weekends and he was upset she wanted to take his phone and game controller. The boy agreed to give the items to his mother and went to his room to sleep.

 Criminal trespass — A woman said she had left her residence for 30 minutes, and when she returned her back porch screen door was unsecured. There was no damage to the latch, but she said she had locked it when she left. The woman also showed where the word “death” had been written in the dust on the screened in windows. She said she did not know who would do this and that she had recently returned from overseas. A deputy stood by while she gathered a few things to stay at a friend’s house, and he did a search of the area to check for any other damage, but none was found.  

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