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Youth charged in arson cases
Suspected to be prosecuted in juvenile court
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A juvenile was charged last week after a string of shed fires prompted Hinesville Police to investigate and nearby residents to post reward signs.
According to Det. Thomas Cribbs, the suspect has been charged with three counts of arson. Cribbs said all three of the incidents took place on DeAnn Drive during March, the last on the 29th.
Kerry Perkins’ said the alleged arsonist, whose age has prevented authorities from naming him targeted her property twice, but luckily not her actual house.
“They burned the shed,” she said. “Nobody was hurt.”
A neighbor’s shed was also set ablaze around the same time, helping police zero in on the area targeted.
During the investigation, neighbors helped lead police to the suspect and he soon admitted the crimes during questioning.
Cribbs said the police haven’t seen any more suspected arson cases since the arrest.
The suspect will prosecuted in juvenile court, since arson is not one of the crimes that forces children into adult court.
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