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Riceboro residents call for Mayor's recall
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Residents of the City of Riceboro requested that the City Council formally prepare the documents to officially recall City Mayor Joseph Harris. The requests happened tonight during their regular City council meeting.

During public participation, resident Brenda Addie called the Mayor incompetent and accused Harris of no longer residing within the City limits. She said he should be recalled for maleficence and misconduct and that under City charter section 5-13 subsection 3 and 4 the Mayor's behaviors fall into the category for the recall.

Resident Dorothy  Cottom also called for the Mayor's recall saying he has failed to perform his duties, continues to misuse City property and for misconduct in office.

Former Riceboro Mayor John McIver didn't mention recalling the Mayor but called the Mayor disrespectful for removing all the photos of the former City officials from the walls of City Hall. 

"The removal of the pictures of these former elected officials showed grave disrespect," McIver said directly to Harris, which was met with applause from everyone at the meeting including the Councilmembers. "Those pictures should have never come down."

McIver requested the Council adopt a resolution to have the pictures returned.

Councilman John Young asked City attorney John Pirkle if he could make a motion on the matter on the spot. Young then made a motion to have the Mayor, "Immediately have the photos but back in City Hall."

The Council approved the motion, however, it may come back due to a technicality. It didn't appear that another Councilmember had seconded the motion.

We will have more on this story to come.

VIDEO: Residents wants Mayor recalled

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