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Runoff early voting next week
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Voters in Liberty and Long counties don't have much to decide when they go to polls for runoff elections on Aug. 5.
Liberty residents, who voted in the Democratic primary, can go back to the runoff to decide who they will nominate to challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss in the general election in November.
All the other contested races in Liberty County were decided by the primary. Runoffs are needed when there are more than two candidates for a seat and none of them get 50 percent plus a one vote.
Long residents will decide the same race, but they do have another contest to decide.
In the race for the 2nd District county commission, seat which is the Rye Patch / Oak Dale area. In the Republican primary Tim Works and Arthur Davis were the top vote getters, so advance to the runoff.
In the primary, Works received 36 votes which represented 42.3 percent of the votes cast, while Davis got 34 of the GOP votes, or 40 pecent of the total.
The winner of the runoff will face Democratic winner, Wallace Shaw in the November general election.
The Democratic senatorial runoff is between DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones, who received 194,654 of the state's votes (40 percent), and Jim Martin, who was the 2006 Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor and who received 165,564 votes (34 percent).
The winner of that runoff will face incumbent Chambliss, who is finishing up his first six-year term.
Long County Election Superintendent Marie Middleton said anyone who did not vote in the primary election earlier on July 15 can still vote in the runoffs, as long as they are registered voters. However, voters who did cast primary ballots can only vote on the ticket which they voted earlier this month.
Middleton also said that advanced voting begins on July 28 and runs through Aug. 1 at the Long County Courthouse in Long County and at the registrar's office across from the courthouse in Hinesville for Liberty residents.

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