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Save our environment one shoe at a time
One shoe

Keep Liberty Beautiful believes in saving our environment and supporting our community.  KLB is conducting a shoe drive to keep old shoes out of our landfill and help the American Cancer Society from July 18, 2021, to September 18, 2021. With the partnership with Funds2Orgs, the shoes collected will have another life and not go to the landfill.  We need 2,500 gently worn, used, and new shoes collected by our next Recycle It! Fairs.  On September 18, 2021, the following fairs are at the Liberty County Community Complex in Midway and Walthourville City Hall.  The collected shoes will benefit the American Cancer Society and small businesses.  Anyone can help by donating gently worn, used, and new shoes at the KLB office, 9397 East Oglethorpe Hwy, Midway.  We have a container at the front door 24/7, and it is checked every day.  

All donated shoes will then be redistributed throughout the Funds2Orgs network of micro-enterprise (small business) partners. Funds2Orgs works with micro-entrepreneurs in helping them create, maintain and grow small businesses in developing countries where economic opportunity and jobs are limited. Proceeds from the sales of the shoes collected in shoe drive fundraisers are used to feed, clothe and house their families. One budding entrepreneur in Haiti even earned enough to send her son to law school.

“We are excited about our shoe drive,” said Dr. Karen Bell, Executive Director. “We know that most people have extra shoes in their closets they can donate to us. By doing so, we raise money for the American Cancer Society and support small businesses. We have the chance to help families in developing nations who need economic opportunities. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

By donating gently worn, used, and new shoes to the Keep Liberty Beautiful / American Cancer Society, the shoes will be given a second chance and make a difference in people’s lives worldwide.  We hope you are up to the challenge to help KLB. When you turn in a whole bag of shoes with 25 pairs of gently worn, used, or new shoes, by August 21, 2021, you will receive a Keep Liberty Beautiful Microfiber Towel. 

We are looking for partners to be drop-off locations in the community.  We can provide you with a box and will collect the shoes when the container is full.  The fun part of doing a shoe drive is getting friends and family involved!  Do you know someone who owns a pair of shoes that they may not need anymore?  If so, ask them to donate to our shoe drive.

As a reminder, we look forward to you joining us on August 21, 2021, to conduct the Great Georgia Pollinator Census from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the KLB office.  Please RSVP at to ensure we have enough supplies and food.  

If you want more information on donating your shoes or on how you can volunteer with Keep Liberty Beautiful, email or call (912) 880-4888.  Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook @keeplibertybeautiful or website:  

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