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Second Brigade's homecoming continues
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Friends and family of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team cheer and wave the red, white, and blue during a welcome home ceremony Saturday afternoon. Nearly 300 soldiers of the Spartan Brigade went through a welcome home ceremony after ending 15-month deployments to Iraq. - photo by Photo by Kevin Larson / U.S. Army photo
About 290 soldiers with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, came home to a vocal gathering of roughly 500 friends and family members during a welcome home ceremony at Cottrell Field here Saturday.
Third Infantry Division Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations Lt. Col. Douglas Crissman greeted the soldiers of the Spartan brigade and thanked them for a job well done during the brigade's 13-month deployment to southern Baghdad.
"You allowed true progress to occur," Crissman said.  "Be proud of your accomplishments and the history you've made.
The brigade was located in Arab Jabour and detained more than 800 terrorist suspects and helped foster Iraqi self-governance.  Second Brigade Soldiers blocked weapons from entering the Iraqi capital, protected the local population, and trained Iraqi security forces.  To date, about 530 2BCT Soldiers have come home.
Following Crissman's welcome and singing the national anthem, the Marne Song and the Army Song accompanied by the 3rd Infantry Division Band, the family members and friends rushed from the bleacher's reviewing stands to greet their soldiers.
It was the second flight of 2nd BCT soldiers to arrive back at their home base. The unit's redeployment started Thursday.

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