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Sound Off Jan. 8
Sound Off
These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may anonymously submit a comment online at or by phone by calling 876-3733.

We live down Phillips Road in Midway. We were unable to have a Merry Christmas because the county road crew has totally messed up our road. I really wish someone from the paper could ride down our road and see what they have done. If we were to need emergency help there is no way we could get help. Not a fire. Not an ambulance.  Not anyone... Please HELP US!!

You all think the weather is bad now. Man maybe getting ready to create Nuclear Winters where there is no Spring or Summer. For man is getting ready to change the Landscape of the  world and some places you wont be able to live because of the Radiation man left behind for Radioactivity has a long shelf life and it kills everything. Of the survivors of a Nuclear Attack 1/3 will have thermal effect (Burns). 1/3 will have injuries due to blast effect. And 1/3 will be effected by both Blast and thermal effects. All will  suffer will have Radiation sickness. All plants and Animals will be effected. Man needs to stop and think before he destroys the world God created. For enough Nukes could do just that.

I run a mail tracking service for Businesses that have a problems with the bills they send out getting to the people who usually have a lateness problem in paying their bills, They claim the bills are late getting to them. Sometimes getting to them after the due dates. For we know that the Hinesville Post Office Mail carriers on Saturday leaves the mail that comes in on Saturday for the Mail Carriers on Monday holding up the mail by 2 days. Its called passing the buck.  For maybe they need to close the Post Offices on Saturday. And the Business’s will have to send out the bills 3 to 4 weeks before the due date. Instead of sending them out 14 days before the due date. The Businesses figure 7 days to and from or less. This was in the old days when it took 4 to 5 days to get from the business to the bill payer.

As a retired attorney- listening to the potential jurors on TV who have already made up their mind on the impeachment issue- they definitely would have been removed from the jury pool. What happened to listening to the facts that are presented on both sides?

Here we go again for the U.S. Senate Democrats and U,S House Of Representatives Democrats. Wants the need to know on Military Missions that are classified as Top Secret. Why don’t we just open up all the Top  Secret and Secret files to them. For most don’t have a Clearance for Need to know information. How many in the Senate and Congress knew about D-Day before it happened. Or operation 30 minutes over Tokyo. If I remember correctly it was the Democrats who did nothing in the Attack on our Embassy in Libya. Do you still think we need a Democrat as our President. For we need to impeach the Democratic Congress.

Why is there so much Potassium in our food we buy at our local Grocery Store’s. Its a hazard to peoples health. For the safe intake is 2,000 mg a day. And when you have blood tests for K which is the Chemical name for Potassium it should not be over 5.0 mmol/L. And did you know Potassium is one of the Chemicals used in lethal Injection used on people from Death Row in our Prisons. For the FDA needs to Control the Potassium in our foods. Plus they need to control NA Salt in our foods and sugar. This would help cut down Medical Cost.

Liberty County school system needs to do make some serious changes. Lyman Hall 5th grade teachers are still bullying the students. Who waits until the end of the quarter to make students do so much work that they have missed throughout the quarter.  Then they are not allowed the opportunity to have fun. Parents, be wise and look into this. Some of the teachers are bullying other teachers. The students are cursing out the teachers, walking out the classroom, and destroying things. All they are concerned about is CCRPI, you need to get a grip.

Let’s get this impeachment over with- have Donald Trump testify- then Pompeo, Bolton, and Mulvaney.  Bill Clinton did a deposition- why can’t Trump if he is too busy to come to a Senate Trial?

Here is some thing to think about. If you take your Blood Pressure twice a day and have normal readings . And then you go to your PCM on an appointment and his triage BP Readings are always high. And he adds another RX for BP Meds or upgrades to a higher dosage on BP Medication you are already taken. For some Blood Pressure Meds are worse for you than Opiates. For they can destroy the Kidneys and Liver. And what if something is interfering with Triages Digital BP Monitor. Seeing how some Triages don’t use the Cuff and Stethoscope anymore which some say are more accurate than the digital ones. For not doing the job right will cost health Insurers more to include Medicare and Tricare. How much does a Liver or Kidney Replacement Cost?

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