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Sound Off May 16

“A big thanks and heads up to the guys and folks and whoever takes care of the place down there you leave your garbage on Isle of Wight Road and Highway 84. It looks good all the time.”

“Everybody running for the board of education, they keep coming by your house. You couldn’t even talk to them when they were in the street, now they want you to vote for them. They ain’t getting my vote.”

“I was in the store this weekend and noticed a lot of people who were definitely not from this country and wondered why the police were not doing nothing about it. Is this a sanctuary city?”

“Lily Baker’s re-election signs say “experience matters.” Well, I don’t want the nightmare we’ve experienced under her leadership. It’s time for new leadership.”

“My child is graduating from LCHS next week and I think I am happier than she is.  When she started as a freshman, it was a good school, but it has gone downhill every year since then. She complained about her teachers, about the behavior of other students, even about how dirty the building is, you name it!  And I got no cooperation from any of the administrators.  What happened to that place?”

“Lots of people saw the current BOE chair’s biggest supporter in a picture with a school bus offering people rides to the polls to vote. The county name was marked out on the bus, but I sure hope that wasn’t a Liberty County bus!”

“Anyone who reads the AdvancEd report and then votes to re-elect any of our current BoE members must be crazy! The report clearly shows that they are unethical people who only care about themselves. Vote for change!”

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