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Splash Smash advance to quarterfinals
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The Long County Blue Tide Super Smash Bros Ultimate team continues to make history. On Friday, December 2, they completed a second round sweep of Putnam County High School to advance to the quarterfinals of the state playoffs.

Senior Jimmy Barreto was up first for Splash Smash and it was an Isabelle vs Isabelle matchup. Barreto was bound and determined to prove his Isabelle main was better and he did just that.

He took his opponent’s first two stocks and took just 103 damage in the process. His opponent made a bit of a comeback as he took Barreto’s next two stocks to even the score at 1-1.

However, Barreto had dealt 75 damage before losing his second stock and had a sizable led before winning the first game 1-0.

Barreto dominated the second game, dealing 73 damage before ever even taking a hit. He had dealt 94 damage on his opponent’s third stock before dropping a stock. He won the second game 2-0 to win the set two games to none.

Sophomore Patrick McClennon was back on the sticks as he used Mario to take on the speedy Meta Knight from the Kirby franchise. It was a highly competitive set, in which McClennon won both games 1-0.

The first game saw back and forth stocks as it got down to the final stock with McClennon winning while having 123 damage.

McClennon saw his first stock go down in the second set as his opponent took an early 3-2 lead. He made a great play for the second, getting a surprising off stage spike to even the score at 2.

This was the momentum McClennon needed as he took the next stock and dealt 83 damage on the third before the score was evened at 1. He finished off the set with a risky low screen spike to clinch the set and match.

In an unnecessary matchup, sophomore Ben Stokes used his Steve main to roll the team’s third player.

With the win, Splash Smash will face off against the Tattnall County Corneria Crushers on Tuesday, December 6 with a spot in the semifinals on the line. 

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