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Spring lawn care: LAWN and Order
UGA Extension

Hey Liberty County! March is here and halfway gone. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. I hope y’all enjoyed reading part one of my Spring Lawn Care series. Now before we get into the tips and tricks I want to give a recommendation to everyone: please avoid broadcast spraying RoundUp over your entire lawn. It will definitely kill weeds, but it will also kill that pretty grass you are trying to protect. 

Part Two: Basic Lawn Care Reminders and Tips

Let’s dive into some of the basics. First things first: know your yard and what’s in it. It is essential to understand the type of turf that is planted in your yard so you can grow and protect it well. Soil sampling of your lawn and areas around your yard can be very helpful by giving you a guideline of what needs to change so that your plants and veggies are happy. Extension also has turf grass calendars that can aid in making sure you are keeping up with a good schedule to produce healthy and beautiful yards. When it comes to lawn care, I like to keep a beauty and the beast mentality. By that I mean; work like a beast to care for your lawn, then take in the beauty of the hard work you put in. Lawn care and gardening are hard work, but I assure you that there is no greater reward than the feeling of seeing your hard work pay off. For more information on soil sampling, contact me at the Extension Office.

 Home gardens are a great asset to any home. Always remember, there is a proper time to plant and a time to pick. Do not just grow it, grow with it. The Extension Office has vegetable planting calendars located in our office with the added bonus of free seeds. I encourage you to stop by and grab a handful. The vegetable planting calendars are a good guideline that shows the time of year for the best yield, seed planting depth and row spacing for crops. If you notice that there is a problem, find out why. Most of the time it’s our fault anyway. But it is ok! We all mess up sometimes. Soil testing is critical in gardening to ensure the correct fertilizers are being used and mineral levels are in line for seed growth. Whatever you do, DO NOT get discouraged. Just keep trying.

Before you plant anything, do your research. Learn what grows best in your area. From there move on to narrowing down what you like to grow. Read, read, and read some more. Every plant and seed packet is labeled with need to know information to make sure the plant thrives. This will help you determine if the plant is a shade or a sun lover. Whether it prefers humid soil or more wet soil. The more you know folks, the better!

Clean those blades. I have had numerous people ask for reasons that weeds keep coming back after they cut them. One of the easiest tips to follow is cleaning the blades to your mower after you cut your grass. Weed seedlings and clippings can stick to the blades so the next time you cut the grass, they are being redistributed. The less weeds, the less work.

The best thing you can do for your yard, lawn or garden, is to take care of it. I hope these tips and resources will help! Much of what I have discussed some of us already know and do, but this is for those that are just starting out dabbling in gardening, want to improve their overall landscape, or want to take pride in their lawn. Next time we will go in depth with turf grass and turf grass calendars. Lastly, National AG Week is March 22nd-28th. If you are or know of any local farmers, agribusiness owners, or local food producers, thank them. Without them, some of us would have no food on our tables or clothes to wear. Stay tuned to Liberty County’s Extension’s social media for some special AG Week announcements.

Joke of the Day: What do you call a cow that cuts grass? A Lawn-MOOer.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want further information, please give me a call at or stop by the Liberty County Extension Office, (912)876-2133, 100 Main St. Suite 1200, Hinesville, GA 31313.

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