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Here's how much you'd have to make annually to buy a home in 27 metro areas
HSH, a mortgage research site, published information regarding how much people need to earn to afford a home in 27 metro areas. - photo by Payton Davis
Deciding whether you can afford to live in your dream city might be as simple as taking a look at a new map.

Mortgage resource HSH published a list that details how much people need to earn yearly to purchase a home in 27 U.S. metropolitan areas. According to Complex, the map compares the huge differences in how much a person needs to make to live in those places.

HSH's findings show buying a house in Cleveland ($33,714), Pittsburgh ($33,838) or Cincinnati ($36,357) requires the lowest incomes while New York ($90,750), San Diego ($104,839) and San Francisco ($157,912) need the highest annual earnings.

HSH updates the findings quarterly and reported "home prices and mortgage rates increased in every metro area on our list." Even Cleveland which remained the most affordable metro area had a 22.5 percent home-price gain in 2015's second quarter.

San Francisco's home prices increased substantially in just months.

"Those hoping not to rent will have to earn $157,912.06 per year to afford the principal, interest, taxes and insurance payments on a median-priced home in the area," according to the Daily Mail. "A person wanting to buy in the Golden Gate city would have to earn $16,496 more than last quarter for the same house. The median home price is $841,600."

According to Forbes, relocating is a "personal decision and is different for everyone because not everyone's situation is the same." However, planning to live in a specific area in the city, determining the cost of living and identifying potential obstacles faced during the move can help people decide if it's best for them.
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