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Move over, Mariah: Here's the most-played Christmas track for 2015
Carey's Christmas tune was the most-heard holiday song since its 1994 release. Here's what track is now in the top spot. - photo by Payton Davis
Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" will still be unavoidable if you find yourself in any public setting during December but it's no longer the most-played holiday track.

Sharan Shetty detailed for Slate the impressive run Carey's ode to all things Christmas has had since its 1994 release.

"(The song) has become something of a holiday tradition," Shetty wrote. "If you are alive and outdoors at any point between Thanksgiving and Christmas, youre likely to hear it: a festive, full-throated anthem issuing from passing cars and open windows. Most often, youll hear it in malls, where the tune infiltrates the American psyche via its total hegemony in the retail sector."

But Christmas 2015 marks a new era, William Hughes wrote for A.V. Club: PlayNetwork a company that helps companies design their in-store playlists announced The Shins' cover of Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime" took the top spot this year.

A.V. Club noted The Shins' appearance at No. 1 indicated shoppers can expect to "hear indie rockers crooning 'ding dong, ding dong'" when in the aisles of packed retailers over the next few weeks.

The Shins also cemented themselves as winter radio staples with their cover, Hughes wrote for A.V. Club.

"The Shins find themselves presiding over a list that proves the old holiday rule: release a commercial cover of a Christmas favorite, and youll never go unplayed again," Hughes wrote.

Tracks by Jack Johnson, Coldplay and Ella Fitzgerald also made PlayNetwork's list.

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