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State Senate wants Thompson in race
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Fred Thompson has not officially jumped into the 2008 presidential race, but the Law & Order star and former Tennessee senator has already gained backing from one influential Georgia Republican.
Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) has been leading a campaign to urge fellow GOP members throughout the state to endorse the candidate he believes can “put together a coalition, not just to win the Republican primary, but to win the White House....”
“I see somebody who is an unapologetic conservative that can look America in the eye, not blink and tell us where he wants to go and bring America with him,” Johnson said in a recent Fox News Sunday interview.
Thompson is currently in second place-behind Rudy Giuliani, ahead of John McCain-for the Republican presidential nomination in many national polls, despite the fact he has not formally declared his bid for the nation’s top office. A June 12 Rasmussen Reports poll even had him tied for first place with Giuliani.
According to Johnson, Thompson’s appeal, especially among conservatives, stems from a need many of them have for something new in the Republican Party.
“Too many of our candidates sort of start their speeches with apologies and excuses. It’s like they’re doing the backstroke,” he said. “We need somebody looking through the windshield, not in the rearview mirror, and moving forward. I think Fred Thompson can do that.”

Early signs

Earlier this month, Thompson took a few more steps toward officially announcing his candidacy for the 2008 election. On June 1, he created a presidential exploratory committee and on June 5 launched a campaign Web site,
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