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Stewart not getting additional brigade
Troops numbers will increase here
Army Sec Pete Geren
Secretary of Army Pete Geren - photo by Department of Defense photo
Liberty County and regional officials were scrambling for information Tuesday about the Department of Defense's apparent decision to not add a fifth brigade to Fort Stewart's 3rd Infantry Division.

Secretary of the Army Pete Geren announced to Congress this afternoon the decision to cap the Army's troop level at 45 divisions. (A copy of Geren's announcement is available in as a pdf in the media player at left). If number of divisions had been increased more, Fort Stewart's addition would have been number 46.

Geren's announcement, however, said troop strength on Fort Stewart will increase.

"With this announced change, the population at Fort Bliss is projected to grow from 13,742 to 36,069 in 2013; Fort Carson from 15,199 to 25,033; and Fort Stewart from 20,512 to 24,970."

The announcement is not clear how more troops will be stationed here. It implies, however, that the number of troops in brigades will increase since the Army's total troop strength is projected to increase to 547,400, a number projected out when the plan for 48 brigades was announced.

Reportedly local officials were invited to a meeting with division and post commander, Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo early Tuesday afternoon. The Courier was denied access to the meeting.

But, there will be more on the story on our Web site later today and in Wednesday's Courier.

Army Announcement on Fort Stewart
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