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Take a break at 912 Living's Recharge Lounge
912 Recharge Lounge
Owner Jessica Victoria poses with one of her three unique recharge chairs, that incorporate brainLight and a Shiatsu massage. - photo by Asha Gilbert

Take a step back and relax at 912 living’s Recharge Lounge, a new type of alternative health business in Hinesville. The recharge lounge, which opened on Oct. 1, 2018, offers 70 different programs with their, three one-of- a-kind brainLight Shiatsu Massage Chairs.

“Using one of the chairs will make a customer feel ready to face the day with confidence and full of energy,”owner Jessica Victoria said.

Each chair is equipped with a unique system that can sense the body’s natural silhouette. With this feature, the massage chair adjusts its movements not only vertically and horizontally, but also recognizes the depth of the body so that an optimal massage can be experienced. Each chair is programmed to mimic a realistic Swedish massage therapy, as well as Japanese Shiatsu massage therapy.

“I used to go to a lounge in Germany, which was called LoLa Lounge with a literal translated meaning of “etting go,” Victoria said. “Their philosophy, vision, and mission statement lined up with the needs of my personal attainment of relaxation.”

When Victoria searched for the same establishment in the United States, she was unable to locate one. It was then she came up with the idea to offer a recharge lounge in Hinesville after members of her family became stationed at Fort Stewart.

“When I decided I wanted to broaden my horizons, I took a leap of faith by moving across the ocean and being around a new culture. This experience helped me broaden my perspective and perception of the world,” Victoria said. “Furthermore, if I could achieve a successful transition from Germany to the US, I knew many opportunities would be available to me that would open doors that I have never even dreamed of. “ 

She arrived in the United States in 2012, and opened the only “recharge lounge” in 2018 not only in Liberty County, but also in the United States according to Victoria.

In addition to the 70 different programs offered, each massage program is optimized to work along acupressure points, which unblock meridians on specific areas along the energy lines. In response to that, the brain excretes endorphins that invite pleasurable feelings.  Because of the increased levels of circulation, the oxygen-supply to the brain is being increased, cellular nutrient availability/absorption is improving, and detox processes are accelerating, according to Victoria

“We have 70 different programs that are aimed in helping with weight-loss, reduce stress, stop smoking, as well as programs that benefit children and teenagers,” Victoria said.  “Children and adolescents can enjoy a program that will help them with better performance in school and after-school activities.” 

In the future Victoria plans to grow her business to other areas and in the long run is preparing herself to offer her services to a larger geographical market. She hopes the “recharge lounge” becomes a recognizable household name like any other big company.

“In our ever-changing and busy world today, using this technology will provide the user with a fast-paced but effective way of relaxation,” Victoria said. “I would recommend this to others, and I encourage you to jump on the journey to a happier, healthier and more successful life.”

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