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Tax bills due out soon
Commissioner issues quarterly reports
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Liberty County property tax bills are expected to go out this weekend or early next week.
“We’ve had the digest approved and everything is at the printers now,” Tax Commissioner Virgil Jones said Tuesday.
The due date will probably be in mid February, since taxpayers have about 60 days to pay property taxes before they are delinquent. But the commissioner urged property owners to pay before the first of the year to assure they can deduct the property taxes off their 2007 income tax.
Jones, whose office collects for the county, city and other taxing agencies in the county, announced the billing after recently releasing collection and payment reports for the past three quarters.
The total collected by the commissioner’s office for the first three quarters of 2007 is $34,235,136, up about 16 percent, or $4.9 million more than the $29,263,755 collected for the first three quarters of 2006.
All collections are paid to the governments that levied taxes on a weekly basis, according to Jones.
“In our ongoing efforts to maintain a high level of collections, the tax commissioner’s office held three tax sales in a 12-month period; Nov. 7, 2006, June 5, 2007 and Oct. 2, 2007,” Jones said.
In the past, tax sales were held an average of one sale every one to two years. Prior to the actual sale of property, numerous letters are sent to property owners and many other efforts are made to collect the taxes owed on a property without having to consider the property for tax sale, the commissioner said.
He called each of the last three sales successful.
“We were able to collect the taxes on approximately 99 percent of the properties without having to sell the property for the delinquent taxes,” he said. “Our main goal is to allow property owners to keep their properties, yet pay the taxes that they owe.”
Anyone having obtained a property after Jan. 1, 2007 should call the Property Tax Department before Dec. 31 to request a copy of their tax notice.
If you own a mobile home and do not currently have a 2007 decal, contact the Delinquent Tax Department.  At this time, all mobile homes should have a current decal. 
If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to real and personal property taxes, mobile home taxes or motor vehicle registrations, call the commissioner's office at 876-3389.
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