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Tethering dogs to be illegal
dog in can
The Liberty County Commission voted to amend the “vicious animals” ordinance and make it illegal to tether dogs in the unincorporated areas of the county. - photo by Photo provided.
Following the amendment of a county ordinance, it is now illegal to tether dogs.
During this past week’s meeting, the Liberty County Commission decided to amend the “vicious animals” ordinance to no longer allow a dog to be chained or tied to a stationary object, and it must be provided with a shelter with a roof and sides, Commission Chairman John McIver said.
Since some in the county tether dogs on their property, Hinesville resident Petra Brooks petitioned to have the ordinance changed, she said.
If a dog is outside, it can either run free in a fenced area, or if a fence can’t be provided, the dog must be hooked to a cable or trolley line, which will prevent entanglement, and allow it to roam and run in a limited area, Brooks said.
“I think we will see a lot less animal cruelty and dog attack cases,” Humane Shelter President Sandra Frye said. “When dogs are chained they can become more hostile and territorial, which can lead to them hurting people.”
Enforcing the ordinance will be difficult though because it will primarily be up to residents in the county to call in and make a complaint to the Humane Shelter or to Animal Control, Brooks said.
A specific violation fee has not been specified by the commission, but Brooks estimated that it will be a maximum of $500.
The ordinance only applies to the unincorporated part of the county.
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