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Turnout slow for primaries
At the 12th Precinct Pre-K poll, voters trickled in slowly. Poll officials surmised that their facility's slowness was due to the construction on Washington Street. - photo by Photo by Jessica Duncan
Voting for today's local primary elections has been slow, according to poll managers across the county.
Barbara Ford, poll manager at the 11th Precinct Lewis Fraser poll, said voters have been coming in "slow, but steady," although she wouldn't disclose the number of voters that her facility had received. "There are less than I anticipated. I really expected more," she said.
At the 12th Precinct Pre-K poll, Beverly Gross had an equally reluctant crowd. "Yeah, things have been slow," said Gross, who is serving as the facility's poll manager and who said that by 12:45 p.m., the facility had only had 65 voters. "For the last sheriff election, there was definitely a lot more interest in voting. But I think it's slow today because of the construction [on Washington Street]. People have to come all the way around to get to us," she said.
LaFayne May, manager at the Shuman Center poll, had a different reason for the day's slowness. "We used to have a better crowd than we have today, but I think a lot of them have done early voting," she said. May reported 114 voters by the early afternoon, which, she said, "is slow, especially by this time of day."
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